Wake up early
“The early morning has gold in its mouth,” was an apt statement made by Benjamin Franklin. Over the years I have realised that waking up before the sun has many perks. You stay more positive, more optimistic and focussed and can devise clear goals about how to go about your day. This is my favourite time of the day which I use to the fullest to do some productive work. These multiple benefits of waking up early fuse together into one huge benefit—the benefit of possibly having a longer life span and being a healthy, soulful and happy person—free of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and other multiple ailments that you can think of.

Meditation, Breathing Exercises and Mindfulness
This is truly the guiding factor for my success. I am the woman I am today because of this one addition I made in my daily routine. Being an entrepreneur, anxiety was a part of my daily routine and to cope up with it would give me a tough time. But with breathing exercises and meditation, I started being more aware of my actions and my surroundings and learnt how to deal with them in a more effective way. This in turn also increased my productivity substantially. Most importantly, with mindfulness, I experienced growth as a person and today, when I look back, I have really come a far way…So don’t think too much..Just incorporate meditation in your routine and see your dreams manifesting.

Exercise Daily
Physical exercise though generally associated with the body has a huge impact on the overall wellness of a person. I myself have realised that the days I exercise turn out to be my good days and the days I miss it, I get irritable and don’t feel so good. For piling up energy, feeling fresh and for multiple health benefits, this is one change you must must must incorporate in your daily routine. Be it any problem, physical, mental, or emotional, exercise is your elixir to overcome everything…literally!

Eat clean and healthy food
Eating clean has a huge impact on your mood, and your mood is responsible for almost every action of yours. So why not be more mindful about eating? Take in the right amount of nutrients that your body needs and keep a check on what you are feeding your body. After all, your body is the space you live in; so why not keep it clean? I have experienced that on days when I eat healthy food, I feel more energetic and productive and perform better on almost all fronts. With healthy food, even your immunity will improve and diseases will be at bay.

Have a good night’s sleep
Sleep repairs your body and mind; it reorders and makes your mind and body ready for the next day. Without adequate sleep, you will be irritable, which will not only be dangerous to you but to others too. And though as an entrepreneur, I always took pride in sleeping less and being busy, over the years I realised how important quality sleep is. I became less reactive to things and became more action-oriented. And with this one change, a lot of things in my life changed for the better. Nothing in this world is more important than your mental and physical well-being. So please give yourself the attention that your body and mind needs.

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I know that making changes in habits is a big deal for many! But trust me, if you really set your mind to something, you can inculcate any change that you want in your habits. Willpower can move mountains and this is just a small change in your habit. So not for anybody else, but for yourself, do this bit and I promise you, you will meet a better, livelier and healthier you! If these few habits can help you feel upbeat, then why not go for it? …So stop thinking…and start doing it from today itself…! See you next week with more fitness and wellness videos. Until then, have a great time!

If you have incorporated any of these habits, do write to me and let me know how you are feeling about it. You can connect with me on my page on Facebook, Instagram or theumashowblog.

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