8 New Year’s Resolution Ideas and How to Achieve Each One of Them

Hello and welcome my tribe! We are going to enter the new year and its time for some good change! Like always, I have a list of new year’s resolutions. But before I start with that, let me ask, how many of you have kept the resolutions you made last year? I am sure, very few! In fact, statistics suggest that only eight percent of those who make new year’s resolutions every year keep them. That means 92% fail at keeping them. But have you ever thought why? Because they can’t figure out the HOW! While we all are crystal clear about the fact that we want to achieve some new year goals, we don’t know how we’re gonna do that! So today I’m gonna tell you about the eight most common New Year resolutions people make and give you a few steps on how you can keep each one of them and make them work.

1) Getting in shape!

This is the most common new year’s resolution which I guess a majority of us make every year! Over one third of the population wants to “exercise more”, “stay fit and healthy” and “lose weight”. While its easy to think that exercise and diet will help you keep up with this goal, it generally doesn’t! And why does this happen? Simply because, your goals are not realistic ! We can only make a goal realistic when we are more specific. For example; rather than having random goals like ‘I want to lose weight’ or unrealistic goals like ‘ I want to lose 20 pounds in a month’, have specific goals like ‘I want to lose 5 kgs in 2 months’. And then draw a plan on how you will do that by following the right set of exercises and diet. You can use apps to track your daily progress and keep reminders so that you don’t miss your workout. Most importantly, tracking your progress will help you understand where you are going right or wrong each day and then you can change the things that don’t suit you. This will help you achieve your goals little by little every day and help you ultimately get that dream body you have been wanting always! Remember its better to take a small steps in the right direction than take a big leap forward only to stumble backward.

2) Eating Healthy
When we are surrounded by cheap junk food switching to a healthier diet can be incredibly tricky. However, with a good amount of determination and some basic tricks you can slowly develop healthier eating habits. The first step to keep this resolution is to choose a method of eating healthy that is sustainable, enjoyable and is in sync with your lifestyle. Sustainibily is extremely important. The reason why so many diets fail is because they aren’t enjoyable or sustainable. When we try quick fixes like restricting, juice cleanses, or eating something we don’t like all day, we just end up feeling hungry, tired, and deprived and in bitter mood, which leads us back to the unhealthy habits we were trying to overcome in the first place. So how do we avoid this trap? By finding a method that works for you and your lifestyle. And always remember we all are different , what works for you may not work for me and vice versa.

The second step is to identify why we want to eat healthy? Is it to have more energy? Clearer skin and hair? More self-confidence, ? ans also try and figure out why you want to have more energy or look better or have more confidence? Be very clear with your intentions of eating healthy. Whatever is your reason, write it down and see it everytime you feel like giving up. Know that you deserve it and this is important for you!

Third step is know what you are eating and be more conscious while eating. Don’t watch tv or indulge in social media while having that meal. Relish it, chew more, be in the moment while eating so that you feel full and fulfilled and you don’t indulge in overeating. Educate yourself about your food! Know what you are eating, where is it coming from and what is its nutritional value. Research And include the foods that have the nutritional value your body needs for the results you are looking for! This will help you to understand your body and help you be healthier and happier in the long run!

3) Work life balance
a lot of people are struggling with this one, so this becomes a very important new year resolution for many. While technology has made all of us available round the clock for our work, maintaining a work life balance seems almost impossible. So what are the things we can do to balance this? First of all, to do this you need to get rid of the perfectionist in you! after all what is the definition of perfection? We all like to be this so called perfect and do everything with precision, but sometimes its okay to be a little less than perfect! Its okay to sit back and not take that stress. So strive for excellence, not perfection. The second most important step is, don’t let technology consume you, use it for your benefit. Take out time for an hour or even less in solitude without the phone and sit with yourself! Meditate and reflect on your thoughts, your needs and desires, dreams . Be in the moment, be mindful and enjoy it while you are with yourself or your family. Basically, live in the present! Realise that to have a great professional life, you need to be healthy and happy first. So next time while you’re hanging out with family, don’t send out that emails, it can wait, believe me the world will not stop. Remember its better to work to live a good and fulfilling life than live to work.

4) Pamper your mind
for me , Pampering your mind is more important than pampering your body. Since it is the mind that controls everything that is manifesting in our life, it is really important to keep the mind charged up energized . And to do that the first step is to find the time. Most of us miss to focus on this simple part of our lives, because we think its avoidable. So set it as a priority first and reserve those 30 minutes of the day for it. Go for a walk or read something nice, listen to inspirational podcasts, There are so many guided meditations available online which you can follow to have that personal time. You can also check out some aromatic products and use them, like body lotions, oil diffusers and herbal tea.If you miss on it daily, catch up on it during the weekends. Make the weekends about yourself, indulging in your hobbies. Dance, go for a nature trail, or paint something, and all these things can be also done with your loved ones. Doing what you like will most likely help you stick to your goals! So shed those negative energies you have stored in your mind and body, and make a commitment that this new year, you will unwind like a pro and refresh your mind and make space for more beautiful things! Because you totally deserve it!

5) Work on your relationships
While relationships can be the best thing you have in your life, they can also be the most challenging thing happened to your life, if you don’t work on them. And most of us, make this resolution to really keep it! But we cant really keep this resolution because we are busy with work, trying to make ends meet and have other tasks at hand that require our attention and relationships take a back seat. But trust me, a few simple and consistent efforts can keep our relationships flourishing. First and foremost keep that phone aside when you are with your loved ones, limited time on your phone should be very much a new year resolution this year. ! Second is remember those special occasions; set reminders and do something special on that day. A small meaningful gift like even a hand written note on a special day can do wonders to build relationships. Third is, don’t stretch conflicts. Don’t sleep with grudges in your heart. Communicate, communicate communicate, cant stress more on this, don’t shrug it under the carpet and let it brew, communication with clear intention can resolve most issues. And last but not the least start every new day like a new life. Forget the past and move on! Realise how special and important your people are to you and the void their absence will create in your life and learn to let go of those small issues! And last but not the least, live and let live! The more freedom you have in your relationships, the more relaxed you will be. Don’t expect too much and learn to be happy solo! This will empower you to nourish your relationships even more.

6) Have a spiritual practice
While most of us want to follow that spiritual path, barely a few know how to do it. And the main reason for that is, we don’t know where to begin! Most of us think spirituality is to sit in silent meditation or chant. But you could be spiritual without doing all that! To be spiritual all you need to do is be more aware of who you are and be more conscious of your actions. This will happen by spending time alone and dedicating some time for yourself! This could be anything from doing yoga to sitting with yourself, going for a walk, appreciating nature to counting your blessings, being grateful. The journey to spirituality is not outward but inward. And all you need to do is believe it! So, calm your mind, get connected to yourself and go to the next level with spirituality this year!

7) Small acts of kindness
What a nice new year resolution to have. A lot of us want to be kind and like it when we help someone. But in our busy schedules we forget to do that and don’t catch up on the promises we made with ourselves at the start of the year! A small act of kindness doesn’t cost much. If you cant think of anything while you’re busy, make it a point that you will just smile at a stranger after leaving from home. Make this a habit and see how gradually you wont forget doing this after a few days! With this one habit, you would probably lighten up someone’s day and your’s too!. Compliment someone at home or at work place, go that extra mile to be more patient with people around you, say positive things, uplift someone by words, These small little things will help not only you as a person, but will serve to help the society at large. After all, we all are connected. And one kind act by us can propel someone else to act kind. Its more powerful than we think it is, Why not be beautiful inside out when we can? To stick to this resolution, you could make a list of 10 kind acts i will do every week. And follow this list by keeping reminders. This way even if you miss it sometimes, most of the times you won’t. And then see how happy and positive you feel!!

To achieve any goal you have to visualise it. I myself have a vision board that i literally post pictures on for every new year’s resolution. I post pictures of things i truly want to achieve. And then i write down the steps how i am going to achieve it. So ill share with you some simple tricks that i use for any goal i want to achieve

Just pick one thing
Trying to accomplish multiple goals at once will quickly get overwhelming and only lead to failure. Stick to one thing, master it, and move onto the next.

Plan ahead
Make sure everything is ready before you actually start. If you’re taking up running make sure you have the trainers, clothes, hat, glasses, ipod loaded with energetic sounds on the go. This will keep those excuses away!

Anticipate problems
Make a list of the problems you might face and think on how you can deal with them beforehand. If you already put your finger on the problems you are going to face, you’ll be able to you will be able to cope with them when they crop up.

Pick a start date
Pick a start date and make sure you stick to it. Make a realistic date on which you can really begin! And go for it when its time!

Accept failures
If sometimes you fail to keep up, don’t worry! Don’t indulge in guilt and reprimanding yourself. Rather learn from it; identify why you failed and make a vow to yourself that it wont repeat! Don’t forget that every winner was once a failure!

Reward yourself
Rewarding yourself will encourage you to keep up during the hard days! The rewards can be anything as small as your favourite chocolate, a long distance call to a friend, a movie you wanted to watch for long, or anything you really like! This will help you feel that you’ve earned it and keep you motivated to keep going!

So no matter what your goals are, I’d wish you loads of luck and success in your new year’s resolutions and I want you to know that you can do this!

All we need to remember is, whatever resolutions we make we shouldn’t make it too big; they should be small because to reach anywhere big we need the small tiny steps, and most often we forget the small steps while keeping our eyes set only on the big goal. We fail to realise that its the small little steps one at a time which lead us to the big goal. So why not start taking those small steps one at a time and make a resolution for that one step.

Hope you liked the video and you will send me loads of feedback like always! Dont forget to subscribe! Keep watching my channel for more videos! Until then, have a great time! Party hard! And make those resolutions; coz this time i know you will be smart about them and you’re gonna keep them!

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