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Many of you have asked me to throw more light on fasting and so here I am with all the details after my research.

Fasting is a natural healing therapy that has been used for centuries to aid, treat, and even cure multiple ailments and diseases. While modern medicine focuses on healing by curing the symptoms of a particular disease, fasting helps in healing the body from the inside out and eliminating the root of the disease, by enabling the growth of healthier cells and burning the ones that are old and decayed.
Our body is capable of healing its own self, but it can do that only if we give it a perfect chance to do so. And fasting is that perfect chance! So today, I’m going to talk about the benefits of fasting and the different types of fasting.

Benefits of fasting
• cleanses your body of metabolic wastes and toxins
• heals a host of health disorders
• helps you lose weight and keep it off
• improves your skin tone and health, making you look younger
• stimulates new cell growth, making you feel younger
• strengthens your immune system and natural defenses
• improves glandular health and hormonal balance
• increases mental clarity
• enhances your mood
• gives you more energy and enthusiasm

Different kinds of fasting

Dry Fasting

Dry fasting, also known as absolute fast. For centuries, this type of fast has been practiced for spiritual and religious pursuits. This fast is the most extreme fast in which one has to abstain from food and water for short intervals of time. In a dry fast, the body gets rid of toxins in different ways than normal. Instead of eliminating toxins from urine, bowels, kidneys, liver, and skin, the toxins are burned up inside of each and every cell. The body begins to self-regenerate and self-rejuvenate directed by stem cells. The production of stem cells in the body decrease with age. A newborn baby has one stem cell per 10,000 cells which drops to a ratio of 1 per 500,000 cells.
With dry fasting stem cells are released into the blood more than usual. During dry fasting, the body begins a cleansing process that rids itself of old and sick cells and creates space in tissues for new stem cells. Dry fasting creates a hostile environment where every cell of the body can clean house. Only the strongest and healthiest of cells survive in such extreme conditions. Irregularities like cysts and benign tumors dissolve as a result of autolysis which is a process where the body eliminates its sickest cells for its own survival.

Liquid Fasting

As the name suggests, this is a fast that is done only by consuming only liquids.The most popular in this is the water fast.

1.Water fast
Water fasting is the oldest and perhaps the simplest form of liquid fasting which delivers the greatest health benefits in a short period of time. It promotes Autophagy which is a process where the old parts of your cells are broken down and recycled. This process helps prevent against diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and heart conditions.It also helps in lowering blood pressure and improves insulin sensitivity.

2.Juice Fasting
Juice fasting is a popular fasting method where a limited nutrition support is provided to the body in its most natural form. Any kind of fruit or vegetable juice can be consumed in this type of fasting. During a period of juice fasting, the digestive system gets a rest. However, unlike typical fasting with no food or drink, during juice fasting the body is fed a big supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This helps the digestive system to recover. It also has multiple other benefits like increasing your energy, helping with weight loss, enhancing your mood and much more.

3.Partial Fasting
Partial fasting also known as selective fasting, modified fasting, fasting diet, cleansing diet, single food fast, one-food diet, and mono-diet, is milder in nature than other fasts, but it offers the same health and cleasing benefits. No doubt, at a slower pace but it is also more comfortable in nature. Partial fasting is limiting or excluding certain foods from your diet, for example a mono diet may contain eating only apples in a day. A partial fast can be very cleansing and detoxing as it eliminates chemicals, processed foods, and “dead” foods, and replaces them with natural food stuff.

4.Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. When it comes to intermittent fasting, there are several options. Some people eat only during an eight-hour window. For example, you can eat from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., then fast from 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. Or you can fast for 24 to 36 hours once or twice weekly. Rather than something we’re forced to endure – a result of poor food availability or cultural expectations – intermittent fasting is becoming something that health and physique-oriented people are seeking out in order to keep their bodies in top shape. Numerous studies show that it can have powerful benefits for your body and brain. Data show that intermittent fasting, might help extend life, regulate blood glucose, control blood lipids, manage body weight, gain (or maintain) lean mass, and more.

So you must be thinking How long should you fast for ?

one day fast or 24-hour fast

For those who have never fasted before, this is the recommended time span.

Three -day fast
Good to perform monthly as a sort of “maintenance” routine, to keep toxins cleansed regularly.

One week fast
You can use this one as a quarterly (seasonal) cleansing detox.

10-day fast
This is the standard recommended length for a master cleanse fast. Also, many use this length as a yearly maintenance detox and cleansing.

Several weeks fast
These are only for those under close professional supervision or for those who are habituated to fasting. It’s best to have plenty of experience before tackling a long-term fast. You need to recognise your natural body reactions during a fast for this kind of fasting process.
So these are different kinds of fastings, if you want me to elaborate on any of these and you want to know more, please leave a comment on the comment box.

Hope this helped. Have you tried any fasting ever? Please share with me and my tribe.

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