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Around 7 years ago, when I was going though a very challenging time, I wanted answers to many questions, and that is how my spiritual journey began; and that journey has been so full of learning and awareness. Today I find myself much stronger, patient and conscious than I ever was and I feel indebted to my spiritual journey for achieving this state of being.

So I really wanted to do a segment on how to begin this journey, literally a beginners guide and what is it all about. Today, I am here with Faddic, Spiritual Counsellor, and Energy Healer, to bring you the answers to all these questions and more.

In this segment, Faddic tells us all about spirituality and wellness, starting with the very basic definition. To him, spirituality is the pure essence of who we really are. By tapping into spirituality, we are tapping into our true essence. Simply put, the three planes of existence we are connected through are physical, emotional, and astral ones, astral being the one concerned mostly with spirituality.

If you miss out on one of the three, your life is not balanced. It is through them that we achieve inner peace and happiness.

Spirituality can be practiced in many ways, be it by praying, meditating, or even contemplating. It is not different from religion; it is just a different way of practicing it. Both of them help you become a better human being, to connect to God. The goal is to reach God however you want to. The main difference between them is that religion goes by the book, whereas spirituality is more open and fluid. Faddic touches up on this topic more thoroughly the segment.

As for beginners, Faddic believes it is good to begin by simply pausing and enjoying the silence. When we inhale and exhale, there’s a small pause which is a fraction of a second, and even that can be considered a pause. It is free, it is easy, and it is also the most essential thing. The next steps would be meditating and accepting the people around you by simply letting them be.

So why not start now? Take this opportunity to step back, pause, and reflect on everything you are doing. Life is becoming more hectic and demanding by the day. All you need to do is simply inhale, exhale, focus on your breathing, and think of a calming thought.

Through your spiritual journey, your perspective to life will definitely change. You will notice yourself being open to a higher level of knowledge, wisdom, and feeling, which are defined as higher vibrations. An example would be looking at the aura of a person rather than their physical form. Watch the video, and you will understand what I am trying to convey.

Spirituality helps us heal by cleansing our heart and soul from all the negative energy inside us. As Faddic explains, once you get into spirituality you really define what gives you happiness. You reach contentment, acceptance, and peace. You reach oneness with the universe when you realize that the smallest atoms in your body and the ones that fill our universe are all made of energy.

However, I think the most insightful answer that really changed my perspective after this segment was that of “What is the purpose of our life?” Faddic humbly says that we are living our life’s purpose everyday. That purpose is not a secret or mystery that we are going to unveil at a certain point in life. Rather, it is every moment and experience we are living that is shaping us.
Whatever you are going through right now is your purpose.

Today I was reminded once again to turn back to acceptance and peace and to reflect on the positive energy in my life. I truly hope these tips and examples were helpful for you, and I wish you well on your journey forward.

What your favorite ways of connecting spiritually? Let me know in the comments below!

Love and Health,

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