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Have you heard about the benefits of vampire facial? Before that, let me start with a few questions today.

a) Which is the largest organ of the body? – Well, it’s the skin!

b) Which organ bears the maximum brunt of our modern day lifestyles? – Unfortunately, the answer is Skin again.

c) So when was the last time you felt really beautiful about your skin?

d) When was the last time that you looked at yourself in a mirror and ageing symptoms didn’t worry you?

e) When the last time you noticed that was your skin is glowing, plump and healthy?

Dicey questions right? The reason I started with these questions is because most of us will not have a definitive and convincing answer to them. Yet most of us face these questions every day. Consequently, are we really doing something and are we doing enough about our skin? The fact of the matter is, and there is no hiding away from it, that we all are troubled by skin disorders. Thanks to our fast-paced lifestyles, unhealthy eating habits, lack of proper sleep, pollution, use of chemicals, we are responsible for the extensive damage that we cause to our skin thus resulting in wrinkles, freckles, pigmentations, under eye bags, dry skin, laugh lines, and a host of other ageing symptoms that affect everyone way ahead of their time.

I am no wonder woman, and I too have my own share of skin issues. Pigmentation being the most prominent of them, I am 43, and my skin had also started showing other symptoms of ageing, more so because of my profession where I need to do makeup almost on a daily basis and work in harsh lights, so I abuse my skin quite a lot. I started working towards my health, towards my wellness and towards my skin about 5 years ago. Be it switching to organic, changing eating habits, working on my mind and spiritual wellness as also meditation have had a huge impact on my the health of the skin. The best parameter to know the health of your skin is to listen to people talk about it?. So yes, my skin did show significant improvement thanks to my lifestyle changes; however, the issue of pigmentation remained persistent. I must admit here; I have tried a variety of non-invasive treatments to cure my pigmentation, but to no avail. I would definitely like to highlight on the non-invasive aspect of my treatments, as I am extremely particular of what touches my skin and what kind of treatment am I exposing my skin to. I am a staunch advocate of Non-Invasive measures, and would never attempt anything that will alter the way I look. I believe nobody should ever alter the way they look because we all are beautiful.

In my persistent efforts to improve the health of my skin, to have it more healthy and glowing, more importantly, get even skin tone, I came across the much talked about PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) facial or otherwise popularly known as the Vampire Facelift or Vampire Facial. This has been one technique that is probably the most talked about around the world, and thanks to the innumerable celebrities who have opted for PRP, as also are promoting it. I had read about this procedure and what excited me was the aspect that this technique uses your own blood (so all natural and no foreign material) to heal your skin. My curiosity made me get in touch with Dr. Maurizio of the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery here in Dubai. I must admit, he is one of the best in the business. Dr. Maurizio didn’t just assure me of the affectivity of PRP in improving the quality of my skin, brighter complexion, reduction in fine lines but also assured me that it is one of the simplest procedures that I would have to undergo. Especially for somebody like me who is terrified by the sight of a needle, Dr. Maurizio’s assurances really helped me make up my mind for this procedure.

And now begins my adventure (I call it an adventure because of the needles again). I landed up at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery directly from a shoot. I thus had to remove my make-up first and then I was given the application of a numbing gel (topical anesthetic cream) on my face. Post this, about 30-40 ml of blood was injected out, and the same was centrifuged to separate the various elements of my blood and extract Platelet Rich Plasma. To explain about these platelets in simple language, when we have an injury on our body, it is the platelet cells that help in recovery and healing of the injury. The PRP facial is exactly the same procedure, wherein our own platelets are used to heal our damaged skin.

Once the platelets were separated and concentrated the same was injected into my skin by creating micro-pores. Thanks to the application of the numbing gel, I must confess the procedure was absolutely painless. If at all there was any sensation, it was that of someone pinching my skin. So don’t get overwhelmed by the images that you see on the internet. Yes, the process might leave your face a little reddish and sore for about a day, but the procedure in itself is painless. Or may be it’s my doctor. 😉

The whole process took about 45 minutes, and by the end of it, my facial skin did feel a little tight, as also reddish. However, as Dr. Maurizio had suggested, this lasted only for a day. However, it posted a couple of days that I started experiencing the wonders that PRP was doing to my skin. In 7 days time, my skin was feeling tighter, plumper, evenly toned, glowing, less open pores and of course the pigmentation much lighter, but most importantly healthier and rejuvenated. It’s almost as if my skin is breathing a lease of life these days, to the extent that I have stopped using my foundation. Ahhh!!! what liberation. Watch the video and see the process…

You can see the progression of the Vampire Facial from Day 1 to day 7…and let me assure all my readers; this is the real me. No photography tricks or Photoshop gimmicks here…and I repeat, I am not wearing any make-up because there is no better make-up than beautiful skin.

So if you are looking forward to an effective and valuable solution to your skin problems, I shall definitely recommend the Platelet Rich Plasma to you. In case you have already opted for this procedure or any other that has worked for you and made your skin look healthier, I would love you to share with me, readers/ viewers. Always waiting to hear from my tribe…

Love and Health,



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