Benefits of Writing a Gratitude Journal

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When was the last time you sat down and really thought about the good things in life? In our day to day busy schedules, we really forget to count the blessings we already have that have kept us smiling and moving forward. But with a gratitude journal, it can all be just a cake walk! A gratitude journal is a diary you write every day in which you can express all the things that you are grateful for. If you take just five to ten minutes per day reflecting on what’s beautiful in life and write it down, you’ll find the benefits reach far into other areas of your life. I have been practicing this for years, and in my experience, it has a huge list of benefits. I have noticed very prominent changes over years in my general attitude towards everything in life ever since I have started writing gratitude journal.

Here are some of the benefits that I am going to share with you today and also tell you how to write a gratitude journal:

Benefits of a Gratitude Journal
1.Lowers stress levels.
2.Helps you feel calm all day.
3.Helps you gain a new perspective about what you truly appreciate in life and what’s important to you.
4.Helps you gain clarity on what you want to have more of in life and what are the things you can let go.
5.Helps you focus on what really matters to you.
6.Helps you become more self-aware.
7.A gratitude journal is a safe zone where you can write anything you feel without the fear of judgment.
8.Helps you Improve physical, emotional and social well-being
9.Increases your self-esteem and heightens your energy levels
10.Decreases stress, anxiety and depression
11.Helps you get evolved spiritually and see things from a wider perspective.

How to write a gratitude journal

Be thankful!
Being thankful is an attitude that should be cultivated and practiced. Developing a habit of gratitude will not only keep you motivated to write a gratitude journal every day, but it will also lead to a peaceful sleep when you hit the bed. Feeling thankful for the things you are blessed with will make you feel more confident and good about yourself and make you feel satisfied for the blessings you have.

Write a variety of things you are thankful for.
When you start writing a gratitude journal, try to avoid writing the same things every day. This will help you realize different things that you are thankful for—things that perhaps you had not noticed before—and will eventually help you grow your awareness and thankfulness.
Write down the basic material things.
It is easiest to recognize things in the material world, like your house, your bed, your food, your clothing etc. These are the little things in life that you can be grateful for. Make sure you write down why you’re grateful for it, how it makes you feel, what do those things mean to you, etc.

Write about extended material things in your life.
These things are person specific and depend on your personal interests. For example, if you are fond of music and have your favourite things, or if you love to paint and have your paints. Being grateful about these things will grow their presence in your life.

Think about your abilities.
This is the first thing you should do when you want to practice gratefulness. The very fact that you are alive and breathing is such a big blessing. Start writing about how grateful you are for your body, for your health, for the eyes that help you see, for the ears that help you to listen and for every small cell in your body that is functioning perfectly. These are the small yet huge blessings that we have but we fail to recognise them. Just imagine, if breathing wasn’t effortless, how difficult life would be?! So start by being grateful for being alive!

Think about your uniqueness.
Think about your special talents or things that you feel are specific to you. What makes you unique? Your skill of cheering up people, of being a great friend, of being a great singer, whatever you think is your talent, start being grateful about it.

Consider the people in your life.
People come into our lives to help us on our journey. Some of them take care of us, some help us grow and some challenge us so that we become better. These people may be your parents, your spouse, your friends, acquaintances or your boss. Think about these special people and be grateful for each one of them and how they make you feel. Sometimes, we take people we love for granted and don’t really appreciate them for what they do for us. But when you write this down in your journal, you will start realizing their importance in your life and start loving them and being grateful to them even more than before.

Write about situations and experiences.
There are so many situations in life that make us happy. A fun party, a good day at work, a fun filled vacation on the beach, a dinner date with a loved one, or something as small as digging into your favourite tub of ice cream. These are situations that create happy memories. And penning them down will make you record that moment in your diary as something you can look at later, when you’re in a sullen mood.

So this was all about how you can write a gratitude journal and how it can help you become more powerful with each passing day. So grow on and discover the neglected blessings of life. You are already blessed and successful, all you need to do is realize it.

Do you gratitude journal? If yes! Share your experience with me and my tribe!

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