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I have to admit; I took a long trip down memory lane when filming this episode. It is so hard to believe that my son is now 16 years old! I have so many vivid memories of endlessly strolling through the aisles at the Baby Shop when I was pregnant and when he was an infant, mixing and matching outfits and getting everything he could possibly need. Seeing Priya with her adorable little son brought back so many cherished moments, which is why I wanted to share this exciting announcement with you.

Recently, there have been rising concerns about toxins and dangerous chemicals in our synthetic clothes. According to research, chemically treated natural and synthetic fabrics are a source of toxins that adversely affect your health and the health of the planet.

Many fashion labels have heard the message and released eco-friendly collections, but Baby Shop is actually the first to cater for babies and small children. As a mother, I am always on the look-out for the best products concerning my son’s diet, skin and so on, but it never occurred to me that his clothes might be affecting his health as well!

If you are concerned about your baby’s health and wellbeing and are looking for more natural and organic clothing options, look no further! The Baby Shop is a one stop destination that has everything you could possibly need for your baby, and they are here with an all new sustainable, eco-friendly collection for newborns and babies to keep them healthy and happy.

Best of all, their clothing is affordable, fashion forward, and their stores even have personal shopping advisors to help you decide what to buy.

Read the details here on the 4 new categories of this collection and watch the video linked below for exclusive coverage.

The Mint Collection

It does not only look cool; it feels cool as well! The fabric made of this clothing is derived from mint leaves, which is known for its cooling and refreshing characteristics. It is also anti-irritation, making it perfect for premature babies or babies with sensitive skin.

The Milk Collection

These items are made of milk protein called casein, which is soft and antibacterial and smooth on the skin. The PH level of the fabric matches the PH level of the baby’s skin for the ultimate soothing texture.

The Bamboo Fiber Collection

Bamboo is known for being a thermal regulator, and that is exactly what these items are here for. This collection is soft; it maintains your baby’s internal temperature, making it great for layering in all seasons.

The Muslin Collection
With a moisture absorbing fabric, natural temperature control, and breathable texture, Muslin is ideal for delicate clothing, being both durable and shrinkage resistant.

So that is all for today’s segment on the Baby Shop’s new collection. Have you experienced the effect of any of these textures or fabrics on your baby’s health and skin? Let me know in the comments down below, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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