Shereen Mitwalli is one of the most sought after presenters and key motivational speakers in the region that has hosted and facilitated high profile events conferences. She has interviewed some of the most influential people globally such as Sir Richard Branson, Liam Neason, GiGi Hadid, a host of business leaders and members of the Emirati Royal family. Shereen has built her reputation, personality, and professionalism in dealing with various personalities, brands, and events.

I have known Shereen for a few years now and seen her grow in her journey. I really wanted to do a segment with her and share her inspiring story with all of you. I was really curious to know how she came to realize her strength and skill in communication and she shared such a great story with me.

We both agreed that communication is the backbone behind anyone’s success story; because it is your key to influencing and sell to anyone around you and that kind of skill is priceless. She was such a great person to have on the segment and her story is really inspirational because of the amount of time and investment that she put into herself – 15 odd years to be exact! Shereen’s energy and enthusiasm led to her being nominated numerous times for best personality and has also featured in the top 100 people of the UAE twice! It’s such a great example of how grit and perseverance can take us many places and how practice brings growth.

Did you know that Shereen is also the founder and CEO of an expansive female community in the MENA region known as the Female Network? It’s an online platform bringing together women of the Middle East. This community exceeds 300,000 readers per month and encourages entrepreneurship. It simply started out with the basic intention of wanting to meet more like-minded women – as simple as that.

I think what I like the most from this wonderful discussion is the realization that what we do and how well we do it leaves an imprint on many of the people around us, people who listen to what we say or what we do and that is when the real work starts. This is why social media is such a great tool because of how many people we reach out to with a simple post and video and how many people we influence on a daily basis – it’s quite moving! Shereen also talked about confidence and the fear of failure. Truth is, we have to fail because we learn so much and if we don’t fail then we don’t really have a story. Now that’s definitely a brainteaser, spare a moment to think about this.

Here’s a great tip from Shereen – exercise and practice self-appreciation to really value yourself and understand your worth. Don’t underestimate your self – you are a combination of expertise, experience, and your individual personality is also unique and genuine. There are no two people like you. Your different elements are too precious to be compared to someone else. The day you stop comparing yourself is the day you become unstoppable. No one is your competition and when you admire people who are successful, you gain so much power, see opportunities and appreciate your surrounding while focusing on your goal – keep this in mind, my dears!

Find out how she moved to Dubai that changed so much about who she is today in the video. She has some advice for people who have just moved to the city and don’t really know what to do yet is simple – you will figure it out and you will find the right people you just have to network and go to the right events and just meet people that have the same interests as you! Also learn more about whom Shereen’s most influential interviews were with and the key takeaways that she got from them that put some great perspective on life and can be applied on every level! Last, but certainly not least, Shereen reminds us that it’s so important to realize how precious time is and how little we have of it. Keep moving, be excited and wake up everyday wanting to move an inch at a time closer towards what you want to achieve. Don’t wake up and think ‘why didn’t I do this?’

So much love to a very like-minded beautiful and inspirational soul such as Shereen! It certainly was such a great pleasure to sit down with her and talk about these great stories and lessons that all of us can learn so much from. Remember one thing – take risks, dream big and never stop fighting for what you believe in. The rewards at the end are worth it and you deserve it all! What did you learn from Shereen?

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