Good health requires eating well, and so does a good mood!

As you all know, I have gone through detox journeys before and always openly shared with you all, but this one had a special “taste” and with no exaggerations – it split my life into before and after!

This blog is very close to my heart; I will share with you my trip to Viva Mayr Altaussee, a medical spa. It is the ultimate place to slow down from life’s fast pace, unplug and tune in, by just inhaling the fresh, clean air, which is why I have been going there for the last four years.

For the first 3 times, I went to Viva Mayr Maria Worth, my loyal viewers and readers have seen me detox there and my experience.

This time, I am going to be telling you about a whole different experience, and it all started when I landed in Vienna. The drive from the airport till Altaussee is 3 hours of breathtaking scenery that disconnects you from your reality immediately.

The air in Altaussee is one of the cleanest on our planet. I sometimes have sleep issues, but there I slept like a baby. I felt light and somehow way happier! No wonder Karlie Kloss, Liz Hurley, and Michael Gove are from the well-known figures who escape to Viva Mayr Altaussee as a detox destination.

Viva Mayr’s programs are based on the world renowned Mayr Cure. With Dr. Harald Stossier and Dr. Christine Stossier at the helm, Viva Mayr is quite the physiological revelation because they really understand how an exhausted stomach can alter the entire ability of the body to heal itself. Purification, rest, a personalized diet, but also sufficient exercise outdoors – all help the body to activate its self-healing properties. The body is given what it longs for: rest, sport, massage, therapy, and special dietary meals prepared in the gourmet kitchen.

What is really exceptional about this spa is the clean and serene environment and how the interior, clad in warm woods matches the magical exterior that made me feel at home instantly. The food is exquisite and healthy but most importantly completely removes sugar, gluten, and alcohol from your system. The philosophy behind is to use ingredients that alkalize your system. This is coupled with natural salts that are extracted from the depths of the Altussee mine that are mixed with natural ingredients and warm water. The first few days as you detach and go into your physical re-birth, your detachment from your usual caffeine and sugar intake will be slightly difficult, but it is so worth it because before you know it, you will feel energetic and light.

You can literally come to VIVA MAYR with the goal of losing weight, or simply hitting pause to everything is going on in your life or improve your health status. You will be doing so many stress-relieving activities such as massages to oxygen therapies and much more.

I spoke with Dr. Dieter Resch, General Manager Viva Mayr Altaussee, all about Viva Mayr philosophy, watch the video to know more.


Before going to Viva mayr, I was some having sleep issues, felt low on energy and also had an inflamed gut. I went through a full blood test, kinesiology test, the abdominal test and also many therapies like Cranio Sacral, massages foot electrolysis, and also colonic irrigation, EMS & Spiroergometry. It may sound like a lot, but your experience is tailored to you and exactly what we need! In three days I started feeling light, way more energetic and calmer.


However, this visit was not just all about my detox and me; I wanted to address issues like Diabetes, Depression, and Fertility. Viva Mayr has various programs to help you deal with these health issues, led by the very charismatic and talented Medical Director, Dr. Sepp Fegerl. Watch my interview with him as he throws more light on all these lifestyle diseases and how Viva Mayr can help.



Healthy eating is the cornerstone of managing diabetes, depression and fertility and many other health issues, yet it can be a challenge figuring out what to eat. My last stop is in their state of the art kitchen, cooking with Chef Martin Stein from Viva Mayer. If you want some really easy and quick healthy recipes that look delicious and taste even better, then watch the video below and get your pens and books out to take notes!



It is now just what you eat, but also how you eat. Let me share a few very valuable tips that I have taken away from Viva Mayr after every stay here:

  1. Eat slowly. The key strategy is “souping,” in which you chew each mouthful 40 times, so it becomes a liquid mush of saliva and food.
  2. Eat while sitting down without distractions: no television, no reading the paper, no stressful conversations, no smart devices.
  3. Stop eating when you feel comfortably full. If you are chewing properly, you will simply not be able to eat huge meals.
  4. There should be an interval of four to five hours between each meal. Frequent snacking disrupts digestion.
  5. Make breakfast and lunch your largest meals.
  6. Don’t eat too late in the evening. Ideally, your evening meal should be before 7 pm. It should be small and comprise only easily digested foods (no raw vegetables or fruit). Soup is ideal.

I stayed in Viva Mayr for 7 days, but after I came back, I continued with the therapy. I stayed away from all that I am intolerant and sensitive to, like gluten, dairy, and eggs. I drank way more water than I usually do, ate slowly, made my meal time very special, kept having the magic base powder and slept like a baby. After 3 weeks slowly added eggs back to my diet but maintained the same as clean as possible. Every time I am back from Viva Mayr my skin glows, that glow that comes with inner healing, cleansing, and happiness. Viva Mayr is an experience of a lifetime for our body, mind, and soul and every bit of money spent is so worth it for the high stress life we lead. I cannot wait to go back for my next therapy and walk in nature by the magical lake.


Happy tasting, healing, and growing! Always eager to hear and learn more from you. Share your views with me…what is the best detox that works for you?


Love and Health,




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