The architecture world has seen some phenomenally successful women figures who have created a revolution and a benchmark for themselves in this industry like Zaha Hadid, Denise Scott Brown, Neri Oxman, Julia Morgan, Maya Lin and Odile Decq to name a few. Ana D’ Castro is one of these names who is currently breaking stereotypes and proving that she is the doyenne of Dubai architecture scene. In a fast forward and futuristic city like Dubai, she has climbed the ladder of success at an unimaginable pace and established herself as one of the best architects in Dubai and is the director and founder of BIA design studio. She has been working across multiple disciplines, comprising street art installations, painting, interior design and architecture. Just like some of her masterpieces which include the Art House in Dubai and a Boulevard Plaza Office, even her journey is quite interesting! Born and brought up in Portugal, a land of great architecture, she pursued architecture in her hometown and then began her voyage across the world. She travelled across many countries with spellbinding architectures including Singapore, Brazil, Paris and Switzerland where she explored and learnt about the various architectures, cultures and art forms that persist in those places. Well-known for challenging conventional concepts and scaling newer great heights with every creation—she is truly a woman with substance.

As I have always loved to feature strong and powerful women on my show, I decided to speak with Ana D’ Castro, who is an inspiration for those who dream and then wish to turn those dreams to reality. On speaking with her, I found that she is a really creative and fresh person, and is a woman who has her vision clear and is passionate about her art. On further discussion with her, she told me how she was fortunate than most, and began her journey with a huge project of a hotel which was soon backed by a great team and multiple bigger projects. She also mentioned some amazing tips for people who are pursuing architecture, one of which was, that the best design can be created by paying a keen attention to the surroundings of the place where a particular house or a building is to be built. To know more about the amazing conversation I had with Ana D’ Castro, watch the video…

Last but not the least, when she was asked how she sees women in design and architecture, she said, rather than competing with each other, women should focus more on promoting, encouraging and helping fellow women grow and become successful.” What did you find most inspiring about Ana D’ Castro? Do write to me!


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