Moustafa Hamwi – ‘The Passionpreneur’ just as I sit down to write this piece, my mind is over-flowing with the inspiring thoughts, the positivity, and most importantly the passion infused in me, thanks to an invigorating conversation that I had with him. Before I introduce this passion powerhouse (although am not sure if I have words powerful enough to do so), let me re-create a piece of the conversation, verbatim for you.

Moustafa – I was once challenged by a participant, to motivate him right then and there in 20 secs. I asked him a simple question. Are you sure you are going to be living one year from now? He said – NO. I asked him can you guarantee you will live beyond this week. He said – NO. I asked him can you guarantee you will live the next hour. He said – NO. I further asked if he could guarantee walking out of this auditorium alive. He replied – NO. And then I asked him, If today was the last day of your life, what is it that you would regret not doing?

This particular part of the conversation made a lasting impression on my mind. Not that I had never asked myself this question, but because Moustafa made an imperative point here. Often we believe that we have Finite Resources & Infinite Time. However, the truth is exactly the opposite of it. We have Infinite Resources and Finite Time. It is this shift of priorities that brings about the change that boosts the thought process, the power and the passion to live your life with a purpose.

I do not think it is fair on my part to introduce Moustafa, as you can always read about him through various Search Engines. However, just in case, for today, if you would want to do some Soul Searching instead of Google Searching, then you must watch this conversation.

Thanks to my profession, I often come across many inspiring personalities, but Moustafa is not merely any other inspirational story…to me, he is Dubai’s own version of the monk who sold his Ferrari.

By the way, Moustafa addresses himself as a ‘Passionpreneur’; but to me, he is a Passion Superhero because he could identify his strength, he could align himself with his consciousness, and he is using his power to spread passion in the world. Isn’t that exactly what Superheroes do?

So go ahead and identify your strength, listen to your inner self and re-ignite that passion. Do write into me with your experiences of your soul searching and the journey of reigniting the superhero in you. What are you passionate about?

Love and Health,



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