How I Got Over My Fear of Snakes

Hello! my tribe !

Today I am going to share something very personal.
Not many of you know that I have a huge phobia for snakes, something I have had ever since I remember. Even if there is a picture of snake in a magazine, I cannot continue reading it unless I tear the page. I sweat and scream if there is a snake scene in a movie. At times I dream of snakes and I cannot sleep after wards

So I invited a well known NLP expert and hypnotherapist Beryl Comar on my show to help me get rid of this phobia.

Bery started with showing me the picture of a snake on an iPad.

My intention was to be able to see snakes in real life and not freak out and be able to conquer that fear. I don’t want to start holding them or start playing with them yet, but even if I am able to look at them without screaming and sweating I would be happy to begin with…

Watch the Video to know what happened.

This was an extremely emotional experience for me, something shifts within you when you conquer your fear, after just one session with beryl, I was able to see a real life snake without hesitation, and now after a month of this session I am not loosing control or freaking out when I see a snake pictures or videos. I feel I have come a long way , this is one fear I have had since very early age and , I kinda feel empowered to have conquered it.
Have ever conquered any of your fears?

Please share with me and my tribe.

Love and health


Details of Beryl Comar

Beryl Comar
Emotional Intelligence Development Specialist
Consulting Hypnotist & Instructor
NLP Platinum Master & Instructor
SleepTalk for Children Trainer
EFT Trainer

PO Box 11902, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: +97150 655 4523 (Dubai)
Calle Levante #1,
Orba 03790
Alicante, Spain.
Tel: +34636569030 (Spain)



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