How lack of Sleep Can Affect You

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Are you one of those, who is so tied up with work commitments and responsibilities that you don’t get enough time to sleep? Is sleep the last thing on your priority list? Or perhaps you think it’s okay to cover up on sleep on a weekend? Well, it’s a fact that we’re not sleeping enough. Our fast-paced lives demand more time, and often that comes at the expense of our sleep. We insert coffee, wade through foggy mornings, and suffer from darkened eyes and irritability. However, it’s time to wake up and realise that not getting enough sleep can impact our lives way beyond feeling grumpy during the day. So let me explain how seriously lack of sleep can impact your health.

Well, there’s a huge list of things that happen when you don’t get enough sleep:

• Short term memory and learning problems
• Irritability
• Skin Aging
• Weight gain and impulse control problems
• Alzheimer’s-linked toxin build-up in the brain
• Vision problems
• Heart disease risk
• Slowed reactions
• Immune system issues
• Bad decision-making
• Depleted sex drive and function
• Frequent Colds
• Risk of Cancer
• Genetic Disruption
• Gastrointestinal Problems
• Migraines
• Lack of alertness
• Blood Pressure
• Diabetes
• Depression
• Obesity
• Hormonal Imbalance

So next time you want to skip sleep to be on schedule, or you want to compromise it for another hour of binge watching a show, consider how it is hampering your health.

Well, now that we know the hazardous impact of less sleep, let’s look at five things you can do that can help you sleep better.

1) Schedule a sleep appointment
Get yourself into a routine where you go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. This will get your body into the habit of regular sleep. Be very strict with your bedtime. Don’t let yourself get distracted by social media, TV programmes or deadlines you didn’t meet. When it’s bedtime, just go to bed, no matter what. Soon your body will be habituated to it and you will naturally fall asleep and wake up when you are supposed to.

2) Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual
Get into the habit of a relaxing, routine activity right before bedtime. Put a facial mask, read in bed, say prayers, whatever works for you. But by doing a little routine before bed, you’re prepping your body and mind. Also remember to stay away from activities that can cause excitement, stress or anxiety that make it difficult to fall asleep.

3) Make your surroundings comfortable
Design your sleep environment to create the conditions you need for a good sleep. Maintain a temperature in your bedroom that you’re comfortable with and make sure your bedroom is free of any noise that can disturb your sleep. Most importantly, your bedroom should be free of any light. Consider using eye shades, ear plugs, blackout curtains, humidifiers, fans and other devices.

4) Try aromatherapy
The scent of lavender has some amazing benefits for sleep. A small 2005 study found that a sniff before bed led to deeper sleep. And a 2008 study found that lavender helped women with insomnia fall asleep more easily.

5) Take a hot bath
A cozy soak raises your body temperature slightly. Then, when you hop out, you’ll cool down quickly, which mimics the natural drop in body temperature caused by the brain as it readies the body for sleep. A warm bath before bed helps people fall asleep more quickly, and also betters the quality of sleep.

6) Wear a Phillip Stein sleep bracelet
Wearing the Phillip Stein sleep bracelet enhances your quality of sleep and ensures a rejuvenated morning. I personally use use it and it has really benefitted my quality of sleep. The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet works with a unique Natural Frequency Technology which channels frequencies that help you sleep better and wake up more refreshed. This has helped me experience deeper and enhanced quality sleep naturally, without feeling drowsy the next morning. I’ve also gifted it to my mother and she totally loves me for this. Initially, she used to wake up multiple times in her sleep, but with this, her sleep quality has improved and she has experienced a boost in her energy levels. The best part about this bracelet is, it is a portable device that provides natural sleep, and is very easy to maintain. I love it, because you don’t need to charge it and you can carry it even while you are travelling. It has classy design and interchangeable bands to suit your choice, and it’s very simple to use. All you have to do is place it on your wrist 15-20 minutes before going to sleep and then remove it the next day when you are awake, so that you can be ready to take over the world.

If you find it challenging to sleep well, try sleep bracelet from Philip Stein. Go on their website www.philipstein.com type on UMA10 to get 10% discount on all PS products.

And one more thing! Please don’t find a quick fix in caffeine. Because caffeine might help you stay awake when you need to, but it is not going to help you in your health journey. Instead, start with cultivating healthier habits one by one, so that you can follow it in the long run and live a better life. Think of sustainability and not short-cuts. I believe, a good night’s sleep is one of the biggest success formulas, and the best habit you can cultivate in your life. So sleep well yourself, and educate the people around you to do the same.

What remedies help you sleep better at night? Let me know in the comments section. And if you liked my video, subscribe to my channel so that you get regular updates on my videos. Stay Tuned.

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