Meredith Damouni is an inspiration for women across Dubai – a beautiful woman with poise, who knows how to strike the right balance between career and family life. A gorgeous mother of four lovely kids and a wonderful wife, she is also the CCO of Capital D Group and Editorial Director of online magazine D-Journal, a bi-monthly independently opinionated popular magazine produced by Capital D which is published in the Middle East and predominantly covers fashion, art, people, and life. She is definitely a strong, popular and inspiring woman in Dubai who not only supported her fashion photographer husband, Aayad Damouni with the launch of his business and its expansion, but also persistently walked her path to become a distinguished personality in the fashion industry and today, runs one of the most successful production house and creative agency in Dubai. Apart from juggling with her daily chores and discharging her duties, she also finds time to have fun and is a content human being at heart!

My association with the Damouni family dates back to the time, when I had begun my career in the television industry and Ayaad Damouni had done my photoshoot. I loved the pictures he had clicked and since then, I truly admire the exceptional talent he is gifted with. When Meredith and Ayaad started their own studio 8 years ago, I was extremely happy for both of them and today when I see them at the forefront of the production industry, it is a great pleasure indeed! Since Meredith Damouni is a figure who truly inspires me and who acts as a woman who has explored and emerged successful in every area of life, I thought of having her on my show and speaking to her about her long journey, from the time when Capital D was just an idea brewing in the Damouni couple’s mind.

It is really nice to see a couple working together as partners in such synchrony and flourishing—both as individuals and as partners. How has Meredith managed this over the years and what has kept her going strong? What were the ups and downs that she faced on her journey and how did she overcome them? How challenging is it to play the role of a mother, a wife, a visionary and a fashion icon, all at the same time? There is a lot that can be learnt from Meredith and can be imbibed in one’s life. She also gave some wonderful tips on how to effectively balance all the aspects of life and head towards success. So watch the segment with Meredith and listen to her story in her own words.

What is it that you found most inspiring about Meredith?

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