Natural Remedies For Sunburns

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Summers are that time of the year when we get to enjoy the warm weather, blue skies, swimming, fishing, picnics with friends and family, and many other outdoor activities. In fact, for most of us, summer simply means getting a killer tan. But it’s also the time when exposure to sun for long hours can lead to a nasty sunburn.

As you must know, sunburn is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Too much exposure to UV light can damage your skin, making it red and painful. You might not see the symptoms immediately; as it can take up to four to five hours for sunburn to appear. But if not treated timely, the burn can lead to peeling or blistering skin, and also doubles the risk of developing melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. So what can you do if you’ve got a scorching sunburn?

Well, I am sure you too overdo your skincare routine just like me. Earlier when I used to get sunburn, I used to come back home and apply a lot of creams and go overboard with my skin care regime. But with time, I realised that these creams only increase your sunburn issues and make them worse. That’s when I thought it’s time to go natural and started using natural remedies for sunburn and it worked wonders for me.

So, today I am going to share the five natural ways that I have tried and tested and which can help you soothe the sunburn. All these methods may not work for everyone since we all have different skins, but they have really worked for me. So if you want relief from sunburn, now you can have it in the comfort of your own home—with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen! So let’s see what are these natural remedies for sunburn.

If you’ve found yourself with searing hot red skin, root up a few potatoes. Potatoes have a reputation of being a pain reliever throughout the years, and works particularly well on minor skin irritations. It also soothes scratches, bites, and burns, as well as reduces inflammation. For me, the juice of potato works the best, but you can also use slices.

Fresh Aloe Vera Gel
Most of the people use aloe vera when they have sunburn. It’s cool, soothing, and sucks the sting and redness right out of your sunburn. Because aloe is useful for a number of other ailments such as acne or heartburn, it’s good to have a plant growing in your house. Aloe vera is easy to maintain, free from any additives, and you won’t have to keep running out to buy more from the store all the time once it’s big enough. If you would really rather prefer not having the plant, getting some good quality aloe vera gel from the store is the next best thing and is also practical for treating larger areas. Do remember to refrigerate it before use.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar is another natural remedy I swear by when it comes to sunburn. Apple cider vinegar can be used in many ways to help treat sunburn. Make sure the vinegar is well diluted before applying it to the skin, as high concentrations can cause a burning sensation and further worsen the burn. When applied over the affected areas, apple cider vinegar draws the heat out of sunburned skin. The vinegar smell isn’t very nice, but your skin will feel and look much better.

Cool Cucumber
Cucumber provides instant relief to scorched skin. Not only is a cucumber soothing to the burn simply because its cool, but its antioxidant and analgesic properties also promote healing and provide long lasting relief from discomfort and dryness. With its high water content, it also helps to hydrate the skin which helps when your skin is dehydrated in summers. For quick pain relief, slice up a chilled cucumber and lay the slices on your burned skin. Flip the slices when the first side heats up. For a longer lasting effect, chill 1 or 2 cucumbers and toss them in a blender to create a paste and then apply it on affected areas.

Live cultured plain yogurt contains an abundance of probiotics and enzymes that help heal our skin. When you find yourself red and sunburned, it can help you recover faster. Make sure it’s truly plain yogurt, not vanilla, and that it has probiotics. A half cup of plain yogurt should be sufficient to treat facial burns at least, but feel free to use more if you want to cover more area. Wash your hands and apply cool yogurt directly to your burn, and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. When the pain has subsided, gently rinse it off with cool or tepid water. I use it for both my body and face and it’s really helps to cool down the sunburn.

So these were some of the remedies that I swear by when I have sunburn. Also, when I have a sunburn, I avoid going in the sun for a week and use these natural remedies to heal the burn. Most importantly, I don’t use any chemical based products on my skin and go completely natural by using these natural remedies.

So, if you have used some natural remedies and have found relief from sunburn please share it with me and my tribe in the comments. And write to me if you have any queries about today’s video. Like and subscribe to my channel for more such videos.

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