New Year Resolutions That Will Make You Healthier and Happier!

New year 2018 is right here and it’s time to welcome it with some amazing resolutions. It’s time for some lifestyle changes and getting on a journey to be healthier. So today I’m here with you to help you make your health resolution this New Year and have a healthy, beautiful and happy beginning! It’s timeeeeee for a new you! So let’s get started!

Get off fad diets
I know you all must be thinking that getting off that flab should be the first resolution in this list. But no its not! The first resolution that I would suggest you to make is to get rid of those fad diets. I have been on this health and wellness journey for past six to seven years and what I’ve learnt as a health and wellness coach is that fad diets just don’t work. So, get off all fad diets. Diets do not work. Everybody’s body is different. We all are different and unique and what we need to do is experiment with our own body and see what’s working for us and what is not working for us. There are very few basic rules that we need to know, like increasing our water intake, adding more greens and of course, exercise! So stop pushing yourself to the edge with fad diets and be more mindful about what you are feeding your body this New Year. Remember all nutrients are important for the body to function well. So don’t deprive yourself! Just eat right!

Stop counting calories
Stop counting calories because calorie count does not work. Period! We are human beings and not a number. We need to understand that it’s the nutritional value in foods that we need to watch out for and not calories. We have to look at our food with a different approach this year. Whatever you eat, think about how it is going to make you healthier. So primarily, gather more knowledge about your food, know what is the nutritional value of what’s on your plate and choose smartly. So this new year, aim for adding nutrition and forget the calories!

Focus on overall well-being and not just losing weight
Health is not about losing those pounds but rather about being healthy! It’s about feeling good about yourself and focusing on your overall health and well-being. So don’t focus on losing weight and start thinking of how you could be healthier. Head on to a journey that is health driven and trust me, weight loss and beauty will just be a bonus!

There are no two ways about the fact that exercise can help you look and feel great. And to do that it’s not necessary for you to hit the gym or hire a personal trainer. Start small. Start with a fifteen minute walk five days a week! But be consistent. If you don’t have enough time at hand, just stretch at home and do exercises at home that focus on full body. There are some amazing videos you can find on YouTube and you can also follow the videos I’ve posted before during Dubai fitness challenge.

Greens should be your thing!
You might be a meat lover but adding a little greens to your diet should not be a big task! Greens add more nutrition to your food and have multiple health benefits. If not during meals you can also start your day with some green juices. For this you can check out my video on green juice recipes!

Drink more water!
75 percent of our body is made up of water and that being the case, you can think how important it is to drink more water. Water impacts our overall well-being. From immunity to our skin, from health to our mood, everything that happens in our body depends on our water intake. So stay healthy by drinking more water!

Be in the present moment
Being and staying in the present moment seems like the great goal of the moment,and we’re hearing it from everyone. It is one of the best things to strive for this New Year! When you don’t live in the present, your mind darts all over the place, fretting about the past, worrying about the future, and distracting you from whatever is going on right now. After all, the past is done and dusted, and those worries of the future may never come to fruition, so in a purely practical sense, thinking about it is a sheer waste of time. But when you’re firmly anchored to the present moment, you have a sense of equilibrium. So go out there and live in the present moment, feel every breath you take and live every moment as it comes!

Start loving yourself
You need to give yourself a healthy dose of self love. Because you are magnificent and you are awesome! While following all the above points is indefinitely important in your health journey, this is the most important of all! Because only if you love yourself, will you end up giving yourself the best you deserve! You will choose the best for yourself! And once you start choosing the best foods and best habits, you will begin to feel healthier and livelier in no time!

All these are the resolutions I make every year to achieve my health goals and I urge you to make these small health resolutions this year! All you need to remember is, you don’t need to make huge or difficult changes to live a healthier life. It is the basics that you need to master and the small changes that will make the difference. I promise you, with these steps, you will begin to see and feel the difference in just a month’s time. All you need to do is be consistent and not break your resolution!

Have a great health driven New Year! And look and feel beautiful!
What are your health resolutions of 2018?

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