We are almost a week into Ramadan (time flies!), and many of us are already running out of ramadan special recipes to serve for iftar. As you may already know, I am a firm believer that our food intake for futoor must be wholesome and nutritious to guarantee us an energy boost that lasts throughout our long summer days.

I also believe in the necessity to hydrate as much as possible while fasting. Yes, you have already heard it many times before, but I am here to remind you that drinking water is essential when breaking your fast and at suhoor. Drink at least 8 to 10 cups of water (around 2 liters) or more if you are going to the gym or exercising. Moreover, don’t forget the magic words of any dietician, gynecologist or personal trainer will tell you: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Once again, I teamed up with Mai Dubai and my favorite celebrity chef and author of Food, Love, and Life, Dalia Dogmoch Soubra, to bring to you another mouthwatering recipe. This time, we take a step further into Middle-Eastern cuisine and experiment with some delicious skewers and complimentary healthy side dips.

Watch the video linked below for Dalia’s recipe on the yummiest vegetable chicken skewers with a side of m’tabal dip. It is fast, easy and most importantly, it is a healthy meal guaranteed to fill you up! Though I do not eat chicken, this recipe is for you chicken lovers, try buying organic chicken.

Here are the detailed recipes for the chicken skewers and the m’tabal dip that won’t take more than 15mins not only to prepare but serve.

Chicken Skewers


• Cubed Chicken Breast
• Bamboo Sticks
• Labneh
• Garlic
• Diced onions and bell pepper
• Sumac, for seasoning
• Paprika, for seasoning
• Salt and Pepper, to taste


You start by mixing the chicken cubes in a pan with all of the ingredients: Labne that gives a great contrast with the chicken, Sumac a ground berry that’s filled with antioxidants and has an explosive lemony flavor, Minced Garlic, Paprika, Salt, and Black Pepper.

TIP: If you don’t have time to let the chicken marinate for around two hours in the fridge then you can quickly add the salt and mix it all together, but if you do have time make sure to add the salt after you let the chicken marinate for two hours in the fridge (covered) or else the salt will drain the water and make the chicken dry.

Once you mix it all together and all of these gorgeous flavors have covered all of the chicken cubes, add the cubed chicken pieces to the bamboo skewers one by one, separating each piece by a few vegetables (we used small onions and bell pepper) to add more flavors and color to your skewers! Drizzle about a tablespoon of olive oil on the grill, then carefully add the loaded chicken skewers and make sure to turn them every few minutes to make sure they cook well and all around.

TIP: Soak the bamboo sticks in water so that they do not burn on the grill!

The great thing about our recipes is that they are not only fun and easy but also quick! While you wait for the chicken to cook, you can quickly make the M’tabbal Dip

M’tabal Dip:


-Dip of one aubergine (eggplant), without seeds
-2 tablespoons lemon juice
-Minced garlic; 1-2 cloves
-Half a cup of yogurt
-Half a cup of Tahini (sesame seeds)
-olive oil; to taste


Take the eggplant and poke it so that the heat can get to the core. Then, put it on the fire directly on your stove and flip it until its charred black and done. Once it is charred, it is easy for you to peel off the skin.

TIP: If it is too hot, put it in a pot and let some cold water run over it to cool it down as you quickly peal the skin off.

Make sure to cut it in half and remove the seeds on the inside to reduce the bitterness! You then mash
the eggplant and add lemon juice, minced garlic (a clove or two depending on how big the eggplant is), some yogurt, olive oil, and tahini (not too much) and salt. Mix and mash it all together and your dip is ready!

When serving, to add both healthy and flavor filled decorations to your plate, you can add pomegranate molasses and olive oil and a small piece of mint on the top. Add the dip on a plate, and you are ready to serve your master piece!

Don’t forget to share with us your quick, yummy, and nutritious recipes for Ramadan, and let us know how this amazing dish turned out with you!

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Stay tuned for dessert recipes coming next week!

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