Board meeting in the morning, sales pitch in the afternoon, shoot on a late afternoon followed by a team meeting and finally a dinner in the evening!!! This is like a typical conventional day in my life and believe me, most of my days are like this. I am equally sure that this must be a regular routine for a lot of working women, who don’t just multi-task on the personal front, but also in their day-to-day professional lives. This further raises the need to multi-task with our dressing sensibilities as well, especially in the summers.

So how about wearing the same dress throughout, yet look different on each and every occasion of the day. After all, style is something each of one of us already has; all we need to do is find it. To help throw more light on it, I met Amaal, a prominent fashion stylist who has her own unique and fairly easy to implement ideas that will make you stand out and yet be at ease on every occasion.

Amaal believes in keeping it simple, as simplicity is the best sophistication one can afford. Here are a few tips that she shared with me.

1) Buy clothes that accentuate your body type even as your weight fluctuates
2) A fine pair of shoes can make a huge difference to your look. Pair them up with the right hand bag/clutches.
3) It’s absolutely fine if the color palates don’t match, as long as you don’t choose boring colors.
4) Choice of a neck piece makes a huge difference to the day and night looks.

Hopefully you shall find these tips useful in your everyday life; because I truly believe, it is these small things that make a big difference. I am sure you have your own style tips for this summer, and I would be really glad if you could share them with me. After all, style is personal and it has nothing to with fashion. As it is rightly said – fashion is temporary, but style is forever.


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