We live in a land of abundance, where everyone has enough and where shopping is a national pastime. You will agree that in Dubai, it’s never easy to refrain from buying new things. There are too many stores, too many brands, too many special offers and too much temptation. Why would anyone want to go on a shopping detox? For me, however, it’s always been different. I have been big on collecting things, and my friends know me as “the detox queen”; and detox happens every day in every area of my life. It’s not just detox in my diet, but life in general. I have never been a hoarder anyway, but two years ago, in the month of September which is my birthday month, I decided to play a new game. I decided to give away gifts instead of receiving. That was the most liberating thing I did for myself, and have continued to do that everyday since.

It isn’t just about gifts, it’s about everything in my life that I started to declutter. Starting from my workspace, my wardrobe, to my personal belongings, I got rid of everything that I hadn’t used for 6 months and I’ve never felt better. It did take some effort to build that muscle, but I now have my system set.
A good way to start is by using the effective Four Bag Method: Take out four big bags or boxes (1) Throw (2) Donate (3) Keep (4) Relocate, and sorted out all your things into these spaces.
As a rule, I have stopped buy anything that I don’t intend to use more than 5 times.
And here’s something I saw this on the Oprah show and thought it was quite useful for someone who can’t decide which items of their wardrobe to keep and discard. Put all your clothes on hangers in reverse direction. Once you wear them, put them back in the correct direction. After six months, you can see which ones were used and which need to go.

Decluttering is a wonderful cleansing and creative process, and it has helped me evolve as a person. Holding on to things that no longer serve you is a huge burden to carry, and its easy to remedy. As my birthday approaches later this month, I have decided that I will give away one item a day, so I will have given away 365 items in one year. Would you like to take on this challenge?



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