As you all know, 2017 has been declared as the year of giving in the UAE by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai with the intention to empower people and encourage the spirit of giving in the country. Since I myself strongly support and believe in the concept of giving to society, I have been featuring different people and initiatives this year that have made giving back to society their motto and mission and who strongly believe in making a difference in other people’s lives.

On the same lines, when I learned about Enable, I was keen to speak to the CEO of Desert Group, Michael Mascarenhas, the man behind the noble vision. On the show, he spoke to us about Enable, the social entrepreneurship initiative by Desert Group, which was started in 2006 as part of their CSR strategy with the intention to create an environment for work inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities (PWDs) and create job opportunities for them. He spoke to us about the main pillar behind this endeavour, Ms. Reem Al Gaith, who is the general manager and the initiator of this social enterprise, an inspiring woman who strongly believes in strengthening PWDs and encourages fellow colleagues to be part of this activity.

I was extremely glad to know from Mr. Michael Mascarenhas that Enable, which started off as a CSR initiative by Desert Group has today established itself successfully as a green sustainable brand in itself that offers a range of quality home and garden products manufactured, assembled and run by employees with special needs. More than 32 special employees run the organization effortlessly and the company looks forward to a day, where these 32 people will handle the company on their own, without any support. To give you a brief about the company, Enable is an agricultural social enterprise that manufactures beautiful durable plants, which are environment friendly and made up of re-used elements and organic soil; these succulent plant arrangements in beautiful ceramic, wooden and metal pots will not only enhance the beauty of your home but also help you in giving back to society thereby protecting the environment. The most amazing part of this endeavour is that hundred percent of enable products are used to fuel its retail operations and 15 percent of each product is used for the benefit of the special manufacturer of that particular product. True to their mission, ‘Enhancing lives is our passion’, Enable has truly accomplished an incredible feat! Watch the video to know more about Enable, The Desert Group and the details of my conversation with Mr. Michael Mascarenhas:

I am glad that The Uma show is a platform where people can come and talk about such initiatives and inspire the larger community. How are you supporting, or rather ‘Giving’, in this year of giving? Post your comments! Would love to hear from you…

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