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I am back again with my favorite segment – FITNESS. And super excited to share my first ever experience to try out CrossFit Movements to tone my arms and make them sexy and strong.

Want to know more about CrossFit? Go back to my first video “Get Red Carpet” and read all about CrossFit and CrossFit Gold Box:

Shapely, sculpted arms are possible at any age, Kirsteen will show us how, with the help of just a few simple crossfit movements that you can do anywhere, any time. So let’s get started, coz summer is here and those sleeveless dresses are waiting in our wardrobes.

Triceps Push Ups

Oh, your favorite celeb is wearing a ravishing strapless dress and you want to try that look? So try this amazing triceps push ups to burn those extra calories around that area. Enjoy waving the perfect hello 😉

Dolphin Hold

It’s actually a movement borrowed from yoga but it is a great way to strengthening your shoulders without adding bulk. Try to work on 3-4 sets for 20 seconds (for starters). Trust me you will the burn and results are truly amazing.

Upright row

The upright row is a weight training exercise, which helps you to strengthen your upper shoulder area. Its makes your posture stronger.  

Lateral Arm Raise

Pick up dumbbells (the lighter the better) and with a proud shoulder, raise your dumbbells just at the height of your shoulders.

These four simple yet extremely effective exercises will help you get your way to your favorite sleeveless dress ;). All you have to do is get into the routine, do it for yourself. Show some love and compassion to your own existence and stay fit, happy and blissful.

I would love you to try them and send me feedback.

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