Top 10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

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If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you’ve probably started to eat less, exercise more, choose diet foods, avoid fat, or cut down calories. Maybe you’ve done all this and you’re still not achieved your weight loss goal. Or you’ve had short-term results, but the weight keeps coming back and you feel stuck.

To be able to lose the weight for good, it’s important to understand that both your dietary as well as lifestyle habits can really hinder your success, sometimes on a very subtle level.

So, today I’m going to tell you about ten common mistakes that are slowing down your weight loss progress.

Your expectations are unrealistic
Although we all know too well that losing weight takes a lot of time, every time we begin a diet we want to see the results almost immediately. Most people think that only after a week of dieting their body shape will noticeably change. Well, no such thing will happen, because of course, the weight that you have gained over months or years wont shed off in a week or a month. Also, when you begin a diet it will take your body a whole month to get into a new routine. If you lose any weight before that, it will most likely be your water weight and not extra fat on your hips or belly. Extra pounds come off very slowly and it is hard to notice changes in your figure, especially if you look at yourself in the mirror every day.So do not be tempted to see amazing results fast– approach your goal slowly, but surely.

You are losing weight without realizing it
It’s very common to feel like you’re not losing weight fast enough, despite faithfully sticking to your diet. However, the number on the scale is only one measure of weight change. Weight is influenced by several things, including fluid fluctuations and the amount of food that remains in your system. In fact, weight can fluctuate by up to 4 pounds over the course of a day, depending on the amount of food and liquid you’ve consumed. Also, increased estrogen levels and other hormonal changes in women can lead to greater water retention, which is reflected on the weight scale. If the number on the scale isn’t moving, you may very well be losing fat mass but holding on to water. So don’t get worried about not losing weight on the scale. If your clothes are fitting you better than before, you are progressing in your weight loss journey!

Physical, mental and emotional stress can be one of the biggest culprits for hormone fluctuations, which eventually halts the fat losing process in the body. To reduce stress, you can light candles, have long salt baths at the end of the day and try breathing exercises.

Lack of sleep
Research says that sleep deprivation can hinder fat loss and lead to hunger pangs due to high levels of the hormone ghrelin. This simply means that to keep your stress levels in check and to lose more weight, you need to get enough sleep. When you get enough sleep, you feel less hungry and eat less. Being sleep deprived can lead to overeating and cravings for junk food. Therefore a healthy seven to nine hours of sleep everyday can help you lose weight without struggle.

You are binging on healthy foods
While healthy foods are good for your health, eating too much of them is not going to help you with weight loss. Anything in excess will only do more harm than good. And food, even if its healthy, is calories at the end of the day. So if you have been binging on healthy foods, stop doing that now and you might see some change in your weight loss progress.

You are not lifting weights
Performing resistance training is incredibly important during weight loss.Lifting weights is one of the most effective exercise strategies for gaining muscle and increasing metabolic rate. It also improves overall body composition and boosts belly fat loss.

If you love your cardio and shy away from lifting weights, you need to change your habit, because while cardio helps you lose fat while you workout, lifting weights helps increase your muscle mass. And more muscle means more fat burning capacity. So, next time you hit the gym, try weights instead of cardio.

You have hit a plateau
If you have been following the same kind of diet for too long and have stopped losing those pounds, you need to stop and change the way you eat. Eating too less or too more has an effect on our metabolism and as soon as our body is habituated to a routine, the weight loss journey begins to stall. So if you have hit a plateau in your weight loss journey, replace your current diet and workout with a new one!

Not drinking enough water
A lot of people don’t drink enough water. Changing this habit is one of the easiest ways to help your system get better. Drinking water or eating a water-rich salad or broth-based soup before a meal can help decrease your food intake during the meal—plus, staying hydrated prevents headaches, which can eventually lead to stress eating. If you are one among those who forget to drink water, keep a water container at your side as often as you can. You’ll reach for it a lot more if you don’t have to get up to fill a glass. You can also try some detox water if you find plain water too boring.

You are drinking your calories
Fruit juices, sodas and those summer drinks might be tempting for you, but drinking your calories can add on to the total calorie consumption of the day. Drinking your calories can add up almost 400 to 500 calories in an entire day. So eat your fruits instead of drinking them. People who use liquids instead of food in a diet often think they are making healthy choices or lower calorie choices. But that isn’t necessarily so. Juices like apple, cranberry and orange sound healthy, but calories from these fruits juices are mostly from sugar. So watch out next time you go on to gulp that glass of juice.

You are too focused on dieting
Stop thinking about the word dieting. The moment you think that you are dieting, your mind gets a feeling of deprivation. And this leads to overindulgence everytime you are cheating on your diet. Instead have a healthy meal and think of lifestyle changes that are sustainable instead of cutting down a food group from your diet or going on crash diets to lose weight.

If you are one of those who is finding it challenging to loose weight, I am sure you will relate to some of these. Weight loss is a journey, even if you are making a few mistakes, its never too late to get yourself on to the right track. Be consistent, the magic word, this will lead you to your destination.

Share with me your weight loss journey. Always waiting to hear from you.

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