Since the past few years, I have been interested in researching about sustainable fashion or eco fashion and how this whole industry is gaining popularity. I came across some shocking and unpleasant facts related to the fashion industry.  While everyone is aware how the transportation industry or other industries cause an imbalance in the eco-system and cause a threat to our environment, barely do we know that fashion and textile is the most polluting industry in the world, second only to oil. At every stage of production, the trendy garments that we so playfully wear and flaunt, affect our planet and threatens our resources. How many of us would know that it takes more than 20000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of cotton, equivalent to a single T-shirt and a pair of jeans. More than 8000 different chemicals are used to process raw materials into clothes, which includes a range of dyeing and finishing processes.  Moreover, as fashion trends change, the clothing that goes out of style falls apart or maybe doesn’t sell anymore and is eventually discarded in giant landfills. To avoid this wastage of resources and work towards alternative methods to produce garments that are environment-friendly is what sustainable fashion is all about. I must admit that these facts did bother me and left me feeling uneasy as well as concerned and I was looking forward to the advent of sustainability in the fashion industry since quite some time.

When I learned that one of the most prominent brands, Splash has introduced its sustainable fashion collection and has come up with its #IAMSUSTAINABILITY campaign here in my home—Dubai, I was really glad!  Mr. Raza Beig, Director of Landmark Group and CEO of Splash Fashions and Iconic had himself spoken about Sustainable fashion at length in my previous segment. As health, wellness and conscious lifestyle has been the philosophy and ethos behind THE UMA SHOW, in this segment we called two youngsters on the show, Althea Stephanie Afonso, and Shahrose Nazir Chougle to try some of the outfits and tell us how they feel about it. And they really loved it! So, I think, Splash has really done a commendable job by introducing sustainability and yet not compromising on trend. Watch the video and see the fashion trend for yourself…

As today’s world demands to be trendy and fashionable, be it, men or women, our priority while buying clothes is to pick up something that sets us apart and make us look good and appealing. But, how much do we really think about sustainability while buying? However, if a brand balances both style and sustainability, it’s a good marriage. So, what we need is fashion that is eco-friendly yet trendy, and that is what Splash has accomplished. A sustainable yet smart future! I wish more brands move ahead in this direction and help people become more aware of sustainable fashion. Also, I wish that we as consumers become more aware and conscious while buying, not just clothes but anything in general, as every person alive on this planet makes a difference. I think we all should realise our responsibility and contribute towards the health and well-being of Mother Earth that has provided us sustenance, and try to leave this world better than we received it for our future generations, in our own small way! What conscious choices have you made to save the environment? Do share with me and inspire all the other viewers to be on the same path.

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