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The UAE has the knack for setting unprecedented standards the world over. From being an insignificant trading port to discovering vast oil reserves, it has definitely witnessed a burgeoning reputation! Interestingly enough, not many cities in the world can boast the amount of success that one generation has seen in hitting the big league. Even though the city has shaped at such breathtaking speeds; due recognition for its heroes and visionaries in the mainstream media has been hard to come by.

While quite literally dispelling the old adage ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, there was another need to quell the notion surrounding this city – its apparent superficiality. Thus, the tremendous story of the hard-work, will and determination of its people needs to be heard and told. The success stories of the men and women is only a reminder of the tremendous potential that all of us harness within ourselves!

The UMA Show is a celebration of those events, issues and people who carve a niche for themselves and are destined to go down in celebrated history.

Produced by the region’s leading South Asian production house, Queen Bee Production, the show brings the trends directly from the trendsetters, the most happening events from across the Middle East along with an interactive segment with individuals who make a difference. Targeting the South Asian expats living in the MENA region, The UMA Show is hosted by celebrity TV host Uma Ghosh Deshpande.

Symbolizing ‘Ultimate’, ‘Modern’ and ‘Aspirational’ (UMA), the content of the show revolves around the philosophy of Ultimate Living. At the same time, the show also touches upon the very soul of the city, via 2 never-seen-before segments – Ultimate Like and Letz Talk.


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