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In the last episode you saw the amazing experience I had flying with Air Arabia Holidays my travel partner and staying at Anantara Tangalle, a blissful haven.

Air Arabia and air Arabia Holidays, my travel partner just made it quick and smart! As soon as I reached Sharjah International Airport, they pampered me with their Hala Service which is a unique range of services that made my journey simple and hassle free. I was greeted and assisted, had a fast track check-in and immigration clearance, used the smart gates, and went into duty free in hardly in a few minutes. I mean it was that quick! There I spent some time at leisure in the lounge. Also scrolled through there app, AirArabia Now you can make and manage your bookings anywhere, anytime at the tap of a finger, with their user friendly mobile app. I was already feeling great with the pampering and then, it was even better when I entered the aircraft. Generally, we struggle with leg room in aircrafts. But Air Arabia’s planes have all-economy class cabins. Legroom allowances with a seat pitch 32 inches, it’s pretty generous leg room.The interiors were also classy and comfortable and I had a pleasant flight.

After a beautiful stay at Anantara, I took a drive from anantara which is located in south Sri Lanka to Jetwing Vil Uyana which is situated in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, six hours away from Anantara and five hours away from the capital city of Colombo. The six hour drive was a delight! It’s always so exciting to be in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka offers an array of breathtaking experiences and activities. An island country located in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is truly breathtaking, with its countless picturesque beaches, tropical rainforests, wildlife and ancient ruins. Nature-lovers and adventure-lovers alike can travel to Sri Lanka for a taste of tropical paradise.

A country full of rich culture, beautiful scenery, and smiling locals, Sri Lanka is just like an undiscovered slice of paradise you’re looking for. Surfers from across the world visit the island’s southern coast to surf. A lot of travellers come to Sri lanka for Scuba diving off Sri Lanka’s numerous beaches and to explore.

And for nature lovers, places like Jetwing Vil Uyana are the perfect find. I was really thrilled when I reached Jetwing Vil Uyana. A luxurious sanctuary in Sigiriya, Jetwing Vil Uyana looked like an epitome of regal history and had magnificent surroundings. Located in a well-travelled region of Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle, the beautiful property is located right next to world-renowned national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sigiriya, bordered by ancient kingdoms and abundance of natural reserves. The place was in perfect proximity to some of the greatest experiences in Sri Lanka.

The property is built on agrarian land that was an abandoned slash and burn cultivation area. The owner of Jetwing Group Of Hotels brought this property and with the help of a Sri Lankan female architect Ms. Sunela Jayewardene
created an artificial lake around this property, that got its water from the river nearby. He then constructed the hotel around it and then he created a man-made wetland habitat. Gradually, life started to breed in this place; animals started to come and live. Now they have around 138 breeds of birds and animals that have flourished in this place and a significant increase in diverse flora and fauna because of the man-made natural habitats and eco-friendly architecture. As I walked inside the property, I saw peacocks roaming around the place, spreading their colourful feathers. Squirrels were scurrying around and all I could see was nature thriving around me. From a beach property I had come to this place that was full of nature, and it had such a calming effect on my mind. Nature is truly a healer and just within a few minutes of entering this place, I had started feeling calm and peaceful.
The room I stayed in was a fusion of rustic décor and modern amenities. Flawlessly complementing the surrounding landscapes, the sustainable interiors not only made me feel closer to nature, but also ensured that my stay was comfortable with contemporary facilities. There was a private plunge pool sitting by the side of which I enjoyed for a while and straight off hit the bed.

The next day I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and loved what I saw out of my window. With a refreshed mood, I headed to the spa where I met Doctor Priyankara Perera. I discussed with him that lately, I was getting a lot of breakouts, which were unusual as I’ve never had them before. He patiently listened to all my concerns and then according to my ayurvedic condition, he suggested that I should go for a body wrap that will maintain a balance in my body and a facial that would help the breakouts. After the spa, I had a power session of yoga with the yoga instructor and then I went for a visit to the farmhouse. In Jetwing Vil Uyana, they grow their own veggies and whatever we eat here is made of those organic vegetables. There were so many veggies that they had, spinach, cucumber, melons.

And then I came back for lunch, where I had a typical sri lankan lunch, rich with organic veggies. The best part I love about sri lankan cuisine is that it has so many vegetarian options. Also it has a lot of coconut, which is very good for both skin and hair, with some distinct spices which are not very overwhelming, but add an excellent flavor to the food. I had my lunch sitting out in nature. It was so quaint and quiet, and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal as I got time to chew and digest. Eating a meal in so much peace is really luxury nowadays, but when you do that, it really works wonders for our health.

After a wholesome and fulfilling meal, I went to the Rangirama Birding Trail which is a bordering haven for endemic and migratory birds. Rangirigama boasts over 120 recorded species, accounting for nearly a quarter of all bird species present in Sri Lanka. The sanctuary is near the Rangirigama Lake – which is not only a hotspot for migratory birds in winter seasons, but also some of Sri Lanka’s iconic species including the common kingfisher, peacocks, egrets, brahminy kites and purple coots to name a few. Rarer birds such as the fish owl, green pigeon and hornbill also soar through Rangirigama, above their wild cohabitants such as the marsh crocodile, grey langur and toque macaque who have also made this habitat their home. More importantly, Jetwing Vil Uyana has become one of the best locations in Sri Lanka to spot the elusive slender grey loris.They have around 12 of them now. It was fulfilling to watch slender loris, the species that was on its verge of extinction,flourishing and living in the space so freely and breeding.

After some bird watching, I went for the high tea on a tree top, which was an experience in itself. Watching the entire property sitting on a tree top and sipping my tea, was totally one of the best things I did at jet vil uyana. After some beautiful experiences, it was time to head back home.

Staying at Jet Vil Uyana was a different experience for me as I have been residing in the city side. Going deep into nature and becoming one with it made me realise some deeper truths about life that we most often tend to forget while we’re so busy running after our goals. It makes us grounded and makes us realise what true values are and what life is all about. You realise that life is not just about dreams but it’s about living consciously and creating a better place for us and the generations to come. The universe has so much to offer and we return so little. I really felt that we can all do our bit in our little way!

After a wonderful stay at Jet Vil Uyana, I bid the place a farewell, taking back memories and new learnings. I headed towards the airport, and on the way halted at a peaceful respite situated in close proximity to the bustling Negombo coastline, Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions which is a hotel based on ayurvedic philosophy. This place is a tranquil escape that remains connected to a hive of coastal activity. Conveniently located close to Bandaranaike International Airport, it is also an easily accessed stopover, with efficient connections to Colombo and other cities by road. People from across the world visit Jetwing Ayurveda Pavillions to detox. They provide vegan food and feature a combination of modern hotel amenities with traditional luxuries to complement a therapeutic experience.

With this, my trip to Sri Lanka came to an end and I headed to the airport. I was de-stressed, bursting with energy, had new agendas, a new vision, and of course, a bunch of sweet experiences that I will always cherish. Air Arabia, my travel partner was there to pamper me yet again on the airport, and the crew assisted me and ensured that I had safe, quick, and comfortable check-in and a wonderful flight. And that’s how I bid a goodbye to one of my favourite places with fond memories and a wish to visit it yet again!

Do you like to travel? I would soon be giving away a holiday package to Srilanka courtesy Air Arabia. So do watch this episode and share your thoughts and tell me why would you like to go to Srilanka.

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