Gloria Vanderbilt once said, “I have always believed that one woman’s success can help another woman’s success.” I cannot think of a woman more fit for this quote than the humanitarian and entrepreneur Helen Al Uzaizi who continues to dazzle us all with her hard work and her talent.

It would take all day to describe Helen, but I can say in short that she is the founder of MENA based Future Entrepreneurs and CEO of BizWorld UAE, both of which she discusses with us in this segment. She spent most of her career life in the field of marketing and communications, only to find herself one day across the path of mentoring and consulting.

Helen believes mentoring is extremely important in today’s world because there are so many mixed signals all around us in this information-saturated time and with people giving us unsolicited advice all the time. Instead, a mentor steps back sees the full picture and talks to you as a person while allowing you to realize what you want. To Helen, the key for women to succeed and to make their dreams come true is for them to mentor one another.

So how did Helen end up from being a successful entrepreneur and marketing professional to a mentor? They say sometimes your passion falls into your lap, and that is exactly what happened with Helen. She started working for Satchi & Satchi soon after graduating and fell in love with the world of marketing and communications. This cut throat, deadline driven world opened her eyes to the different possibilities she had and made her feel like she could conquer anything.

However, when she 28, at the peak of her career in marketing and communications, she got the strong feeling that she was missing a sense of purpose. Overnight, she decided to quit her job and do something that has an impact on people’s life.

From there, she joined Her Majesty Queen Rania’s Jordan River Foundation, where she worked in community development, international relations, fundraising, and found her work extremely full-filling and liberating.

Mentoring came her way in various ways, and Helen admits she was mentored a lot without even knowing what that was by having people supporting and guiding her. She was then recruited to be the CEO of a mentoring foundation called Mowgli, where learned the value of mentoring in a structured way.

From then on, it was a personal goal of hers to mentor two women a year, which she has successfully done for the past six years. She finds joy and satisfaction by seeing their progress, and I guarantee you will too when you see the beautifully done handbag she has with her made by one of her clients.

However, that is not all for the outstanding Helen. She is now working on BizWorld, where she teaches children 8-15 years old on integrating entrepreneurship, education, and financial literacy into their curricula. The world is changing fast says Helen, and these kids must catch up!

If all that is not enough, Helen is also known for being an adventurer, running tracks, climbing mountains, and completing triathlons – she has really done it all. As a mother of two beautiful young girls, balance becomes quite a challenge, but her life as an adventurer is driven by showing other people – especially women – that there’s nothing you cannot do. “When you want it, you will find the time,” says Helen.

To get out of your comfort zone, Helen urges you to write a bucket list and dream big, that way you will see what it is that you want to do. Start writing, and eventually, you will cross them off one by one. She tells her daughters to dream big, experiment, and believe there’s nothing they cannot do. Watch the video and see how Helen does it all

I was very inspired by Helen’s words and her remarkable career so far, and I am sure you are too. Seeing other women succeed and work hard to make sure others do as well is really what keeps me going. This is the year of giving in the UAE and women like Helen are genuinely giving back by inspiring and mentoring others to live their best self.

What about you? How has Helen inspired you? Moreover, what will you add to your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

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