What if we could have shoes that harness the power of our walking, store them in a power bank, and then the same power can be used for our mobiles and tablets? Great idea for hikers mountaineers and travelers, right?

How about saving water & growing plants without using soil and all of this by just using a small aquarium?

And wouldn’t the world be a better place if there could be a sensor that can alarm the visually impaired of an obstacle in front?

Well…even as most of us would be pondering how is it even possible, the fact of the matter is that these innovations already exist. No, they are not invented by some scientists with multiple degrees; these are rather inventions of children of today and the makers of tomorrow. My special guests this time are three school going kids, who are not driven by marks or rankings, they are instead driven by the passion to bring about change, by being the change. Yes, that’s exactly what motivated Aashay Mehta, a student of the Dubai International Academy. Aashay, along with his friends in India, has initiated the Project Aawaz – a community initiative with the aim of creating the world’s largest repository of audio books for the visually impaired. Besides, the fact that Aashay single-handedly initiated the project in Dubai, what really moved me is Aashay’s motivation behind this initiative. It was as simple as suffering from an eye infection that temporarily hampered his reading ability, right before his exams; and that was his trigger point.

This is one thing that I adore about kids. Their purity in thoughts and intentions and the goodness of their souls can never be matched by us adults. We, as adults are so full of biases and prejudices, our choices, our descriptions of the good and the bad, our egos and our never ending lists of do’s and don’ts. A child, on the other hand, is so unadulterated and just has an outlook so full of sanity.

Something similar inspired Akshat Kothari, another student of DIA, to make a censor that can eventually help the visually impaired play football. Whereas it was his love for the environment that motivated Aditya Malik to invent a mechanism that helps conserve water, as also grow plants without the use of soil.

I can go on and on and on about the positivity that I experienced with these children. It’s almost as if their infectious energy has rubbed on to me even as I am writing about my experience with these 3 wonder kids. I need to stop myself now so that you can watch the video, and feel the infectious energy for yourself.

As a parent myself, talking to these kids was indeed a privilege, an inspiring and a proud moment for me. Of course, credit must be given to the parents and the education system that encourages such thinking minds…but most of all… kudos to the next generation for having put in efforts for a better world tomorrow, already.

If your child has an extraordinary talent, I would love to have him/her on The UMA Show. Do share the story in the comment box below.

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