Sculpt and Lift Masterclass with Uma

“Natural Facelift”- Look and Feel youthful with Holistic Beauty Modalities

I’m on a mission to empower women like you to discover their most thriving selves through the power of face yoga and massage, revealing the youthful look and feel you desire.

Join my Sculpt And Lift Masterclass with me, Uma today to remove all signs of tired skin and face, droopy eyes, and a dull look using advanced face yoga and massage techniques.

We’re starting on July 19th, & 20th with 2 two-hour sessions from 6-8 PM GST that.


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Does This Sound Like You?

✔ You’ve tried every skincare routine out there, and still, you can’t quite get the youthful glow you’re after.

✔ our skin doesn’t reflect how you feel, and it’s constantly robbing you of your confidence.

✔ You’re experiencing accelerated signs of aging, wrinkles, and fine lines that are spoiling every attempt at healing.

✔ You want to return to a time when you felt confident about your skin and appearance and didn’t have to consider going under the knife.

I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone and that what you’re experiencing is absolutely normal. You’re growing older, but that doesn’t mean that you have to live a lackluster reality.

I Know Exactly How Your Skin And Face Makes You Feel…

We both know that your appearance largely contributes to the way you feel. Think back to the last time you wore your nicest dress, smelled like a goddess, and went out feeling like a million bucks: I personally believe that when you look good, you feel good.

And when your skin ages, blemishes take over, and you start seeing your cheekbones disappear, your eye get droopy, your insecurities go through the roof.

You lose confidence in yourself and tend to use makeup to hide your true beauty…

Now, does that have to be your reality? No, it doesn’t.

About Uma, Your Guide In Healing.

My name is Uma, and for years, I’ve been using advanced face yoga and massage techniques to help women like yourself restore their self-confidence and become secure in their skin.

From growing up in an Indian Air Force family to becoming a household TV show host in the middle east , running a TV production house and now owning successful businesses, I’ve had my fair share of learning and experimenting with my skin and how it made me feel.

Today, I’m a firm believer that holistic healing comes by achieving the look that gives us confidence through simple everyday practices.

I believe everything we need to heal and grow into our most vibrant selves is already within us, whether mentally, emotionally, or physically.

That’s why I decided to avoid invasive procedures and surgery and delved into the world of natural, stress-free healing, removing all signs of aging and dullness.

Show Me The Way…

Introducing Sculpt And Lift: The All-Encompassing Masterclass That Introduces You To Life-Changing Face Massage And Yoga Techniques.

Sculpt And Lift is the result of my personal experience as well as the experiences of women like yourself who have fallen prey to wrinkles, aging signs, and fine lines.

This masterclass shows you natural face massage and yoga techniques that improve blood circulation, give you a natural lift, and help you restore a youthful visage!

We’re starting on July 19th, & 20th with 2 two-hour sessions from 6-8 PM GST that will give you a complete overview of my holistic beauty modalities!

It’s built on the understanding the beauty is an extension of your well-being, and with effective face yoga and massage techniques, you can sculpt the long-lasting look you’re after, helping you grow emotionally and accept your beauty!

What Can You Expect?


Let's Dive into Live Interactive Face Yoga

Join me in dynamic sessions where we'll dive into rejuvenating facial exercises together. We'll tone those facial muscles, chase away signs of aging, and embrace the beauty of our natural selves.


Experience the Magic of Direct Face Massage

Step into a world of holistic wellness with me. We'll explore techniques that help you on your emotional and personal healing journey by changing your appearance and how you feel about it!


Embark on a Journey through Holistic Modalities

Step into a world of holistic wellness with me. We'll explore techniques that help you on your emotional and personal healing journey by changing your appearance and how you feel about it!


Unveil the Secrets of Aging Skin Care

Let's uncover the essentials of skincare tailored to the wisdom of aging skin. I'll show you how to choose products that pamper, protect, and preserve your skin's radiance and vitality.


Dive Deep into Holistic Well-being

Together, we'll explore the intricate balance of nutrition, hydration, and stress management that shapes our skin's health. Discover how small lifestyle changes can bring about profound results in our quest for everlasting youth.


Nurture Your Mind, Nourish Your Skin

Let's embrace the power of positivity and emotional well-being on our journey to timeless beauty. I'll share techniques to cultivate a youthful mindset, empowering you to radiate confidence and resilience from within.

If You Think That’s Exciting, Wait Until You Hear About The FREE Bonus!

Guest Trainer- Tatiana Vorontsova will give you an insight into posture correction, body movements and manual lymphatic drainage for the body. ( recorded )

Uma’s Facial Gua Sha Tutorial: Explore the power of Gua Sha and how it can help you achieve a natural lift, mitigate signs of aging, and glow brighter than ever with a set of guided techniques, available as a FREE bonus with the Sculpt And Lift masterclass!

Life time access : You will have the access to the recordings for a lifetime for you to go back and keep practicing.

All this is worth USD 500 and more but now I’m including it for FREE because I want every member of this masterclass to have all the tools they need to maintain their dream youthful look.

Here’s Why You NEED To Save A Spot Today.

Let’s think back to all the times you bought the best products, followed a celebrity’s skincare routine, and did everything you could, all to no avail…

That’s because the problem isn’t the products you use or the chemicals you’ve flooded your skin with, it’s the fact that you’ve been treating the surface-level issues.

You never tried to address the deep-rooted effects your face and skin have on your wellbeing and how they make you FEEL!

I’ve found out about this the hard way, and I don’t want you to spend half as much time and money on making shots in the dark.

With Sculpt And Lift, you can finally shape your skin into your dream look without having to go under the knife, treating deep-rooted problems stopping you from feeling like your most thriving self.

It’s simple, actionable, and 100% effective.

It’s About Time You Chose Yourself And Your Happiness.

You’ve spent years prioritizing others over your own self, and that’s why you’re here right now, to break that pattern.

With Sculpt And Lift, nothing will stand between you and your dream look, giving you a non-invasive transformation at your own pace.

It’s the simplest way to change how you feel by improving how you look and a turning point in each member’s life.

The seats are very limited, so if you’re ready to transform, now’s the time to sign up and save your spot.


Uma Ghosh is a Dubai-based award-winning TV Producer, Entrepreneur, Certified Health and Wellness Coach and an Influencer who has been in the TV industry for the last 13 years. She is credited for pioneering the television broadcast industry in the Middle East for South Asian diaspora.

She started her journey in 2005 and founded ‘Queen Bee Production’, a top of the line production unit, with a vision to provide high-quality programming in the region and beyond. Under this banner, she launched 8 successful shows across various channels in the Middle East beam which include High Life Dubai, Top Guns, love4food, ZEE Connect, TOTT, PropertyScape and her pet project The UMA Show to name a few.

Uma is a certified holistic Health COACH, Certified in Sculptural facelift and facial Gua Sha technique. It's Uma’s dream to make every woman feel beautiful inside out.


As much as I appreciate the fact that women are focusing on taking care of their skin, I can’t appreciate the fact that the beauty and skincare industry is misleading the women, capitalizing on insecurities of women and promising us miracles of youth in a jar.

Discovering natural skincare became a turning point for me & I truly believe holistic skincare rituals can transform your skin from within.

And I want to share this knowledge with the world. So don't miss out on this program where I'll share my most cherished anti-aging secrets.

Join The Sculpt And Lift Masterclass with Uma Today And Join Our Community Of Empowered, Inspiring Women!

Sign up today to reserve your spot and ensure you get a taste of this life-changing transformation, all without spending your life savings on a terrifying, invasive treatment.