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3 common mistakes people make when buying skincare products

We all want to do what’s right for our skin, but there are just so many products to choose from. Some products promise a miracle, but once you get your hands on them they only make your skin oilier, your acne worse, and your bank account dented. Pay attention to these common skincare mistakes and increase your buyer-satisfaction next time you shop for skincare.

1. Buying the wrong products for your skin type

When it comes to choosing the next skincare potion to add to your medicine cabinet, there are so many factors to consider! Beautifully designed packaging and viral trends often lure us in, rather than buying the best ingredients for our skin.

Often the products that promise to do the impossible are too good to be true. Don’t fall for the fads, figure out your skin’s unique needs and you’ll find perfect products for you.

If your skin often feels dry, pay attention to including moisture-rich ingredients. Read up on hyaluronic acid and why it’s a miracle ingredient for dry skin. Whereas, if you have oily skin you can probably handle more foamy face washes, just don’t use products that will completely dry out your skin and encourage even more oil-production. Acne-prone skin will often benefit from products that include salicylic acid in the ingredients list.

If you have no idea about your skin type and don’t know where to start, speak to a dermatologist.

2. Using too many products

As fun as it is being surrounded by so many tempting products, buying too many could be causing your skin problems. You might think you can’t live without all of your cleansers, eye creams and face sprays – but your skin may be craving a little simplicity.

Cleansers are refreshing, satisfying and remove make-up easily – no wonder we love them so much. However, many cleansers can strip your skin of its vital natural oils. Fragrances found in cleansers could also be irritating sensitive skin. If you feel your skin is sensitive, try a make up erasing towel to wash your face. This way you can clean your skin without any soapy chemicals.

Face masks are another never-ending craze and who doesn’t love to pamper their face with indulgent masks? However, you could be using too many and confusing your skin. Find masks and ingredients that really work for you and save them for that much-needed pamper evening.

Most importantly, keep it simple and read the ingredients lists on products. Find staple products for your skin and stick to them.

3. Not shopping cruelty-free

Ten million animals suffer and die as a result of cosmetic testing every year, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the ugly truth behind their products. The popularity of cruelty-free products is growing, as a recent study found as many as 36% of women only bought from brands that didn’t test on animals. Cruelty-free products do not compromise on testing, as there are more than 50 validated tests that do not involve animals. Shopping cruelty-free will add some good karma to your skincare routine, and there are products available for all budgets.

Next time you shop for skincare remember to keep it simple, cruelty-free and suitable for your skin-type, and you’ll be on your way to the glowing complexion of your dreams!

Love and Health,
Wayne Thomas
Guest Post


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