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My Story


The youngest daughter of four children, born and raised in an Indian Air Force family, I was always the one who dreamed big. Not concerned about the hows or what-ifs, I remember having nothing more than passion and curiosity. As my father’s work moved us to new cities every two years, I got to see a lot of new cultures and observe how different people live their lives. From early on, I was exposed to various societies and before I even reached an age where I could judge people, I started to have an understanding of them.

I could tell the strong-willed from those who were simply chugging along. And I knew back then, that each of us decides our own future; and today more than anything else, I yearn to see this belief in the people around me.


My journey in the spotlight began with the prestigious Gladrags’ Mrs India 2005 title. I started my own television production house ‘Queen Bee Production and under this banner, I launched the first-of-its-kind lifestyle show ‘High Life Dubai’ which eventually made me a household name in the Middle East. I’m proud to have pioneered the local television content production for South Asian TV channels. Living the high life was my dream and the awards and accolades that followed definitely added the silver lining.

I became the poster girl for working hard and dreaming big. My company grew exponentially, producing more than five successful shows across channels and the awards continued.

Being an expat in Dubai, I decided our paths had to grow as parallels, and my journey began to reflect the city’s uncompromising, compelling vision and fearless strides forward.

But as my career flourished, I fell into that unsuspecting trap; I started to seek security and serenity in my credentials, my awards and accolades. I found happiness and my self-worth in the success of my business, and silently stress and discord crept into my life, affecting my physical, mental and personal wellbeing. While friends and well-wishers advised me to keep going since I was at the top of my game, somewhere in the midst of this frenzied glory, I realized something was amiss. And I had to fix it.


I longed to pause and just ‘be’. This wasn’t turning out to be a lasting or sustainable journey, and I had to confront myself if I was truly fulfilled; if I was actually enjoying the process of my life or simply rushing through it?

It is then that I understood that if I didn’t nurture my true purpose, nothing on the outside would matter. And from there, my path took a deviation.

From the comfort of well-heeled red carpet walks and the arc lights of television, it was time to break traditional rules and turn inwards.

I risked my highly public career and stepped back to passionately research and study my own lifestyle – my eating habits, my routine, even my thoughts and mindset. At a time when society was fame and success-obsessed, I sunk my head into understanding inner wellbeing. I learnt how everything that goes into your body has a profound effect on what comes out through your thoughts and actions;

a simple philosophy that we have somehow over-complicated.

Over the years, I put in an insane amount of hard work and long hours to master this knowledge, and today I am committed to sharing the very best of my learnings in an honest and real way. Success (and may it shower in abundance!) should never come to a cost of our wellbeing. I believe that no matter where you are in your life, there is always a better option, to lead your best life ever.

Now, as a wellness entrepreneur, content creator and Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, my mission is to make people healthier and happier while being more efficient and productive, simply by rejecting burn out and prioritizing our wellbeing.

My journey from a go-getter entrepreneur to a go-giver wellness advocate has just began…