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6 Reasons Your Skincare Products Are Not Working For You

How many of you have wondered that after you’ve invested in a really good skincare routine, and the products are working their magic just like they promised but after a while, you notice that they’re not working as good as they’re supposed to? Your body tells you everything, right? When you started your regimen at first, it showed amazing results in a few weeks. Your face is glowing, your skin is clearer, your eyes appear bright and overall you look very fresh. But after some time, let’s say a year or two, I’ve heard from many women and seen it myself too that the results are not that great anymore. You don’t look as fresh and glowing as you’re supposed to. Since I’ve been often asked, on numerous occasions by women about why their skincare products are not working anymore, I thought I’d do a little video to help you understand the reasons behind your failing skincare products.
Reason Number 1:
– Products Have Been Contaminated

Contamination is one of the most important reasons your products may have stopped working their magic on your skin. Many times, we unknowingly transfer bacteria and germs to a lot of things. The same goes for our products. We can transfer germs and bacteria to our skincare when maybe we open the jar, dip our fingers into the products, touch our droppers directly to our skin, or even leaving the jars open for too long can introduce dirt, bacteria and other contaminants into the products.

Reason Number 2:
– Products Have Degraded or Expired

So, there’s an expiration date and there’s shelf life. The expiration date tells us about how long a certain product is safe to use and will deliver quality results. Now, that is obviously very important, because you wouldn’t want to use something expired which can potentially damage your skin. Another thing is the shelf life; shelf life tells us about the quality of the product. For example, is a product says its shelf life is 12 months, that means it’s going to deliver its best results for 12 months after you’ve opened it.
Reason Number 3:
– Wrong Frequency or Lack of Consistency

Now, lack of consistency is something we don’t like to admit but it is one of the reasons that can hinder the progress of your skincare glow up. We’re all guilty of that one or two lazy nights when we’re just too tired and numb to get up for our skincare regimen or maybe we’re running late and there’s just no time for skincare. First of all, I would strongly advise that you make the time. I totally understand if you’re lacking consistency, especially if you’re a mom or/and a working woman. You’re either too tired or too busy.

Reason Number 4:
– Your Skin or The Environment has Changed

Our skin goes through various changes as we grow and go through different experiences in life. Especially as we grow older, our skin’s texture changes as well as it’s requirements. It’s highly possible that what was working for you for two to three years back, may not be what your skin needs now and that’s why you’re not seeing any results. So, have your skin checked and get the products that your skin needs now.

Reason Number 5:
– Your Skincare Combination is not Right

We all feel like a little Chemist working off different products for our skins. We’re using different ingredients, different brands, and getting the feel of each new combo to see what’s working really well for us. While it’s really fun to pretend to be a chemist, we’re actually playing a risky little game with our skin. You see, some products don’t go well together and can cause more harm than good. For example, Retinol should not be used alongside with Vitamin C. Another thing that Vitamin C does not pair well, is with Benzoyl Peroxide (acne-treatment) and that can just do really bad things to your skin. Or maybe you’re using a little too much of some ingredients like AHAs and Vitamin A, which can also be bad for you. So, please consult a specialist before you’re playing chemist with your skin to make sure you get your money’s worth from your products.

Reason Number 6:
– Too Many Dead Skin Cells

Too much build-up of dead skin cells can stop your product from getting into the skin. And it makes total sense because your products will have to go through layers of dead skin cells to get to just the first layer of skin. So, if your product is fighting to get through so many layers already, it’s highly likely the active ingredients that are actually supposed to do their magic on your skin, will probably settle on some layer of dead skin and will never actually reach your skin.

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