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8 Skincare Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Skincare is thankfully getting all the fame and attention it deserves for the past few years. Every day, more and more people are focusing on their skin health and taking measures to improve it and I’m all for it! I’m here to make sure you take the right ones and avoid any mistakes that might actually end up harming your skin in the short or long run. Because you can use the most expensive products on your skin, it still won’t be right if you’re not getting the foundations of skincare right. So with 2021 blooming, let’s talk about skincare mistakes you should try to avoid in this New Year.

1. Forgetting to clean your phone

2. Ignoring the role of inner health in skin health

3. Falling for the hyped products

4. Not understanding oily skin

5. Not Believing in Holistic Modalities

6. Incorrect use of retinol

7. Believing SPF in products works the same as Sunscreens

8. Wearing Heavy Makeup or Products Under Your Masks

There you have it, guys! Don’t forget, the amount of love you put into your skin, your skin will show it back to you. It might take a while if you’ve made a habit out of any of these mistakes but please do try your best to avoid these skincare mistakes this year so that your beautiful skin stays safe and healthy and I pray this year to bring you love, health and light.

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