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Anti Ageing Neck Yoga and Massage Techniques

Hello! My Tribe,
The neck is as important as our face, do massage, yoga, and exercises for neck these anti ageing yoga, massage and exercise will make your neck beautiful and relief you from neck pain,
Neck skin is one of the most delicate skins of our body more sensitive than both hands and face. We usually take care of our face but we mostly neglect this particular area. Most women do not pay attention to the next until they notice the first sign of ageing , skipping all the kinds of preventive measures
That’s a big mistake we do

Neck skin is one the most fragile because it has less sebaceous glands that’s why it gets easily dehydrated it has little fat so thinner and with a lower density of connective fibers and very susceptible to sagging. It’s therefore crucial to devote proper care before the years make their mark
Treat your neck exactly like your face

A few months back I saw a few fine lines on my neck and was very concerned and I started doing this routine of neck yoga and massages and now I really feel and see the difference.

Watch the video for the entire routine.

Do you have any special routine for your neck?

Share with me and my tribe.

Love and Health


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