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Holidays and family time are the best times for any mother. After all, it is this time that you get to give and have the complete attention of the angels of your lives. Nevertheless, what follows next, in my opinion, is the most daunting task for any mother – preparing your children to go back to school. While some children are always excited by the prospect of going back to school, making new friends and starting a new academic year, there are the others who do not want their holidays to come to an end. It is with these children that mums have to strike a fine balance of wanting their kids to be excited to go back to school. So how do you do that?

Well, from my personal experience, I can tell you that one of the best ways to motivate your children to go back to school is by gifting them something that they are really fond of, and something that they can carry to school. That’s where the Babyshop Stores come to the rescue of all the young mothers, who are struggling to get their children motivated for school.

Every child has a superhero in their mind; and that superhero could be a cartoon character, an animated princess, or at times even a sports star. If you can identify your child’s superhero, Babyshop Stores can have that superhero as your child’s companion to school. Right from Spiderman to Minions, and from famous football team to Princess Elsa, think of it and the Babyshop store definitely has something that will keep your child intrigued. Right from school bags to soft toys, and from t-shirts to tiffin boxes, Babyshop not only understands what your baby needs, but also gives them the platform to form their own rules.

So all you mothers, go out there and shop for the best friend of your baby, and believe you me, this shopping is going to be as much for you as for the child. I would love to hear from all you lovely mothers about your unique ways of preparing your children for school.

Tons of Love,

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