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Beach Body Workout

Want to be a beach-ready body here are some special workout for lovely women to be ready for beach within three weeks so get ready for beach body workout with me there is no getting around it, swimsuit season is upon us, but it’s not too late to get toned. These fresh moves from Kirsteen at CrossFit Gold Box can really help us rock the suit in just three weeks.

This routine not only target multiple muscles but also boost metabolism.

What I tried:
V-Ups & Tuck Crunches
Lunge into a step
4 Point Push Up
Russian Twist
V-ups & Tuck Crunches

This exercise is a total core working movement. It helps in strengthening and adding flexibility to your core, abs and back.

Lunge into a step
We all know, lunges help us to build those gorgeous long legs and our booties. Creating a variety is always a good idea, that’s why you should also try different movements with variations. Lunging into a step adds that extra effort which gives you better results in your lower body.

4 Points Push Ups
A traditional and most effective way to strengthen your multiple muscles (arms, shoulders, core) and lose the right amount at the right places.

Russian Twist
Russian twist – an amazing workout for the abdomen, helps us to tone your lower abs. This movement helps to keep a whole lot of diseases at bay, which can otherwise create havoc in your life.

To get the best results, you have to incorporate these exercises into your daily routine. Give yourself an hour daily to make it worthwhile. Exercise is a necessity, not only because it’s about the outer shape, but it actually helps you calm your inner self as well.

But always remember, physical beauty is a state of mind and we look as good as we feel. Your body doesn’t deserve to be bashed, so love yourself and love your body. Don’t ever talk negative to yourself, positivity takes us a long way mentally, physically and spiritually.

Let me know if you try these movements, I have been trying them and they really work. I would also really like to know about your daily workout routine, what workout do you enjoy doing the most everyday?

Please share with me below on the comment box. I love to read and know more about you all.

Tons of love


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