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Heaven on earth is a very commonly used phrase for a lot of picturesque places around the world. However, for me Heaven on earth would not merely be a place that soothes the sense of your sight, rather it would be a place that soothes all your five senses, along with rejuvenation and revival of the body. Can such a place exist for real? Yes, it does, and that is exactly where I was last month.

Situated on the banks of Lake Worthersee in Austria, VivaMayr Maria Worth is undoubtedly the most picturesque, as also amongst the most renowned, rejuvenation and detox centers of the world. Based on the principles of the famous late Austrian Doctor F. X. Mayr, the Viva Mayr way of life is clearly one of the most acclaimed detox therapies in the world. No wonder that celebrities from all over the world choose Viva Mayr for their detox and holistic transformation break.

The late Dr. Mayr believed that everything wrong with the human body has its source in the small intestine and that the root cause of all diseases is the acidic nature of the human body. Thus, the complete rejuvenation regime at the Viva Mayr focuses on having a healthier stomach and shifting towards an alkaline body which is achieved through various stomach massages, detox regimes, diet charts, foot spas, body scrubs, etc. and unsurprisingly, people coming to Viva Mayr go back a few years younger, healthier and with a cleaner mind.

Well, I can just go on and on about this place, but as Viva Mayr taught me, it is important to slow down and take a break, because life is in the pause. So I take a small break here so that you can watch the link to my stay in Viva Mayr in the hope the place inspires you as much as it did to me.

As you all may know, Diet and Nutrition have always been an integral part of all detox programs: however, at the Viva Mayr, it is not just about what you eat but also about how you eat. I had learned the tricks when I had visited Viva Mayr two years ago, and believe you me, having followed those eating principles, my body has undergone a phenomenal transformation.
Quite predictably, it was obvious that this time too I would pay a visit to Emanuela Fischer, Head Chef, VivaMayr Maria Worth, and take a few more healthy tips for my otherwise hectic life in Dubai.

Just in case you are apprehensive about the possibility of following these healthy tips in your day-to-day lives, I must assure you that these tips are very simple and easy to follow. In fact, it is a matter of habit, and once you get into it, your body will show the phenomenal change. That is why I absolutely believe that Viva Mayr is not merely a detox and rejuvenation medical spa, it is also a place where you can cure illnesses or even just be ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ and reconnect with your own self. How can I not mention about the staff there. They go that extra mile to look after you and your needs but are never intrusive if you want to be by yourself. They become like family after your repeated visits.

A few facts:

1) Eat slowly. The key strategy is “souping,” in which you chew each mouthful 40 times, so it becomes a liquid mush of saliva and food.
2) Eat while sitting down without distractions: no television, no reading the paper, no stressful conversations, no smart devices.
3) Stop eating when you feel comfortably full. If you are chewing properly, you will simply not be able to eat huge meals.
4) There should be an interval of four to five hours between each meal. Frequent snacking disrupts digestion.
5) Make breakfast and lunch your largest meals.
6) Don’t eat too late in the evening. Ideally, your evening meal should be before 7 pm. It should be small and comprise only easily digested foods (no raw vegetables or fruit). Soup is ideal.

In my opinion, the Viva Mayr detox programme is, in fact, a holistic approach to transforming you into your best self it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, idyllic places on earth. A location that probably starts detoxifying your mind, before the medication detoxifies your body. I felt a kind of void within me when it was time for me to leave the divine place but I know for sure that I will be back again, soon – for the detox programme, attend the lectures by the wonderful doctors, to cleanse my mind, body & soul

Have you had a chance to visit any detox destination? Would love to hear from you and your experience.

Love and Health,

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