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Samahita Retreat, I first heard of this place about a year ago from my dear friend Shamira Mitha, Founder and MD of the well-known PR agency ‘Verve.’ Nestled in the southern end of Koh Samui and surrounded by turquoise blue waters, Samahita Retreat was nothing short of a health heaven for Shamira. The wellness freak inside me was craving to visit a detox and rejuvenation destination and Shamira’s strong recommendation only added to my curiosity for this place. Thus, this September, I took some time off from my busy schedule of the ongoing season of ‘The Uma Show’ at that time and took off to Koh Samui, all thanks to the visit arranged by Shamira.

Turquoise blue waters on all sides, tropical climate, a warm & humid atmosphere and a hint of monsoon showers lingering in the air! Just the perfect set-up and weather to take a break from my long, hectic and grueling schedule back in Dubai. Far away from the hustle bustle of the International City, I was now in the quaint, serene and picturesque Samahita Retreat, a lifestyle center for yoga, detox, and holistic fitness. Founded by Paul Dallaghan, a certified Masters of Pranayama and Ashtanga Vinyasa, Samahita Retreat has achieved the distinction of being known as the most authentic yoga teaching locations worldwide. Leading from the front, Paul has combined meditation and mantra practice from the yoga lineage with his study of the Buddhist and Vedic text along with modern science; and adding Ayurveda and Detox programs have only added to their credibility and popularity. Precisely yoga teachers from around the world come to Samahita to hone their skills, enhance their knowledge and get certifications

Another intriguing aspect of Samahita is the accommodation. Guests have their own small apartments or rooms with tropical gardens and little temples dotted everywhere in the compound. The smell of frangipani and soothing incense prevailing and lingering in the entire garden and open spaces of the retreat add to the spirituality and tranquility of the space.

Watch the video to know more about this heaven on earth named Samahita Yoga Retreat

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