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Dubai fitness challenge began yesterday! A city initiative taken by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the dashing Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council for Dubai Government with the aim to motivate residents to take up physical activity and make Dubai the most active city in the world. The challenge that commenced on 20th of October (i.e. yesterday and ends on 18th of November) calls for some body movement and getting in shape.

As I myself am a fitness enthusiast and a wellness entrepreneur, and want my tribe to be healthy and well, I thought why not come up with some super cool, fun exercises that will help everyone feel motivated to get moving. While most people often take exercise as a drag, I wanted to help my viewers with their fitness journey by making exercise more fun and something they would look forward to. So in sync with the aim of our crown prince, during this month of fitness challenge, I’m going to post a video every week on Sunday, where I will share some quick, easy-to-do exercises that will work on your muscles and help you achieve your fitness goals in just 30 minutes. And no excuses this time! Because, you don’t have to hit the gym to do these exercises; you can do it at home or rather I would suggest, as the weather is really getting awesome, you go out on the beach or in a park and do them while communing with nature. So watch the first video in this series and all you have to do is simply follow these videos to get going.

The exercises I have shown in the video are:

1) Rolling hip bridge
Lie down with your heels close to your hips and then lift your hips off the floor. Now step forward in the same position with your heels moving away from your hips and then again move backward with your heels moving towards the hips. A great exercise for your hip and abdomen muscles.

2) Single Leg Tuck
Lie down with your heels close to your hips and then lift your hips off the floor to get into the bridge position. Now lift your right leg forward and then place it backward in the former position. Do the same with your left leg as well. Repeat a few times. A wonderful exercise to strengthen your core and thigh muscles.

3) Roll Ups to Burpees
Get started in a plank position, keeping your core tight throughout the move. Jump up to stand keeping your feet together, throwing your arms up towards the ceiling. Bend your knees down, lowering your arms until your hands are directly under your shoulders on the floor. Now roll onto your back, keeping your body curled into a ball, with your knees bent & arms out in front of you. Roll back to stand, and then jump straight into the air before landing gently. This powerhouse move burns calories, boosts metabolism & seriously tones your torso.

4) Hand Walk Outs
Lean forward and get your hands on the floor. Keeping the core engaged walk with your hands forward into a push-up position. Keep your body in a straight line and avoid the hips from sagging. Now walk back with the hands and come in the initial position. This is an excellent exercise to work out your core, abs, glutes and arms muscles.

5) Rotating Side Plank
Lie on your left side and position your elbow under your right shoulder. Stack together your legs, knees, ankles and feet. Tighten abs. Push your right elbow against the floor as you lift up your glutes and hips off the floor until left shoulder, left hip, and left foot are in a straight line. Reach up with your right hand and extend. Rotate your torso downwards and reach under your body with your left arm. Rotate back to the side plank with arm up and repeat for a few times before switching sides. A super cool advanced version of a plank that will help you strengthen your core.

Needless to say, exercise is an incredibly important part of our overall well-being. And it’s always easy to neglect it while you’re busy with your work or business, with caring for your family, while giving priority to everything but yourself. But not anymore! Because self-love is the best form of love! And it’s time for you to realise that asap! So all you need is 30 minutes for yourself—your mind, body, and soul…! Start your fitness challenge today and keep watching…Love you folks! And wish you health and wellness….xoxo! For any queries or feedback, you can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or theumashowblog

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Let me know which exercise was the most fun for you?
Also share the exercises that have helped you achieve your fitness goals.

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Love and Health,

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