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Easy Decluttering Tips | Before New Years

Decluttering Tips! How to declutter and organize your home before New Year.
New year brings new excitement every year! We all look forward to some party, some hearty celebrations and of course, inviting the new by bidding a farewell to the old. And when its time to let go of the old, it is not just our feelings that we need to let go, but its also the clutter in our space that we need to get rid of. Decluttering often sounds like a very boring word for most of us. We all are stricken with those same thoughts. Who has the time to declutter? And what if you can’t let go of so many things you have been keeping all this while, because, of course, they are memories! But decluttering is important because clutter creates chaos and confusion. And who wants that? I’m sure nobody! So, i’m here today to help you overcome your boredom and get on to decluttering before the new year hits us! I will share with you some simple steps to gear up on this front and you will know how simple it is to declutter!

Schedule It
Your first step is to schedule an appointment with yourself for decluttering. Most of the times, we dont get to cleaning because we have very tight schedules. So just as its important to attend the meeting or go to a doctor, its important to declutter. Just decide a particular day or date you want to declutter on. You could schedule it for half an hour everyday, or dedicate 2-3 days in a month to do it all at once. Depending on when you can remove the time according to your lifestyle, decide on it and stick to it. This step is the key to decluttering.

Make a list
Once you have scheduled your appointment, create a list of places or areas in your home to declutter beginning with the easiest. It could be your closet, the space below the sink, your bathroom, or an entire room. Make a list according to your schedule and pick one spot at a time. This will help you slowly declutter all your spaces one by one. Also make a list of things you want to declutter, like clothes, shoes, receipts, bills, magazines, cosmetics, books, medicines, office supplies, dvds and cds , old things etc.

Go by the three bags rule

Before you actually get on to decluttering, make three bags and label them as ‘throw away’, ‘give away’, and a ‘maybe’ bag. You must have noticed that a lot many times, we cant really decide if we want to give away or throw away a particular item. So make a maybe bag for those items and keep them aside. You can take some more time to think over it and then throw it or give it away when you really feel like.

Decide where to start
You could start with your kitchen, or your bedroom, or a particular zone you select like your wardrobe. Decide the spot that is visible to you everytime and begin from there. So, even if you feel demotivated towards the end of the process, atleast you are sorted with the spaces that you see everyday. This will help you feel good, because your immediate spaces are organised and clean.

Get containers ready or reuse and recycle
Organize containers you can use to keep the stuff that is not important at the moment. You could tag the containers in four categories, trash, give away, keep, relocate. Just label the containers and see how easy it is to organise! Or like me You can also re use and re cycle your shoe boxes.

Take photos of nostalgic items
We hold a lot of obscure sentimental items and they stay stashed in our boxes, closets and all over our house, occupying a lot of space. I know how difficult it is to part with items you are emotionally attached with, and of course you should keep a few special ones really close to your heart, but for some others you can always take a picture. Remember that pictures are also memories. And they occupy less space. So why not take some pictures and do away with the sentimental clutter. Now a days thankfully we have soft copies for all the pictures but when my son was small we use to click pictures and have all of them in albums, I think it’s a good idea fro me to convert them to a digital format and I suggest you do that too.

Put it back if you take it out
Close it if you open it
Pick it up if you throw it
Hang it up if you take it off

Feel lighter, brighter and happier! Go decluttering my tribe. Ill see you next week with another fabulous video. Until then, keep missing me and have a great time! Dont forget to watch more of me and posting your awesome feedback and your tips and tricks to decluttering. Always waiting to hear from you all.

Love and health


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