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Face Lifting Buccal Massage Tutorial

Buccal massage is an extraordinary technique like no other, due to the nature of the technique, it requires working not only on the outside of the face but also on the inside through the oral cavity.

The main significance of Buccal massage is that it allows reaching deeper layers of the skin such as muscle tissue, ligaments, and bones. By working on the deeper structures, we can naturally increase facial tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin complexion.

But what I personally love about buccal massage is that it improves lymphatic drainage of the face, helping in removing toxins, de-puffing, and making you feel lighter emotionally.

The buccal massage can also assist temporarily with blood flow, promoting a youthful-looking glow, and can help with contouring of the face.

This facial technique is all about stimulating your muscles from the surface, resulting in toning and lifting the face. Loved by many celebrities, buccal massage is a great anti-aging technique that you can learn and use to keep yourself looking youthful.

In this video, I am mainly teaching you to work on the masseter muscles, where we store a lot of our emotions, also when it’s tight and tensed, it influences the shape of the face and fine lines. from there we will move towards the cheeks, then nasolabial folds, and the eye area.

It may be uncomfortable initially, but slowly you will get used to it. I recommend it at least once a week.

Try it and comment below with your feedback.

Love and Health



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