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Gastrointestinal Disease and Pregnancy

‘You never understand life, until it grows inside you’ – goes a famous phrase. The more I read it, the more I believe in the power of women, who are gifted with this almost miraculous ability to give birth to another life. Expecting a baby is without doubt one of those magical feelings that can’t be described in words. However, a lot of troublesome disorders can become spoil sport in this experience; and sitting right at the top of the list of Troublemakers, are the gastrointestinal disorders.

Research suggests that three out of four pregnant women suffer from bowel disorders during the three trimesters. Nonetheless, this is not just restricted to bowel ailments. GI disorders can also concern some of the vital organs. To understand the prevalence, the precautions, and remedies for the same, I spoke to Dr. Amal Premchandra Upadhyay, from Aster Clinics and Hospitals.

Dr. Amal simplified the otherwise complex sounding Gastrointestinal Disorders to disorders that concern our digestive system. Also, disorders concerning vital organs like the liver, pancreas, bile duct, gall bladder, etc are all categorized under Gastrointestinal Disorders. However, that’s the technical part, what concerns me and millions of pregnant women around the world is the commonness of these disorders amongst pregnant women.

The general symptoms include incidences of Nausea & Vomiting. Many women also suffer from constipation during their pregnancy. In some specific cases, conditions like reflux, sore throat, stone formation in the bile duct have also been seen. Although it was 16 years ago, I had struggled with severe constipation and nausea during my first trimester until I visited my doctor. I did not share my condition with my friends at that time, but I wish I had and would have been advised by them to consult the doctor much earlier.

However, these conditions can be managed and treated provided you are under the constant attention of your doctor because only a doctor who understands your case history can manage both your pregnancy and the GI disorders. Goes without saying, though, that a good and healthy lifestyle, working out the right way, eating fibers and eating right and keeping yourself hydrated can go a long way in avoiding GI disorders during pregnancy. Watch the video to help you understand more.

So take care of yourself, be in constant touch with your doctors and ensure that you enjoy every moment of the feeling of a new life growing inside you. Do share your thoughts with me as it will not only augment my knowledge but also be of guidance to all the viewers. One of my most important reasons for creating this platform and blogging is so that we can all come together, share our experiences and benefit from each other.

Love and health,

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