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If you are thinking that with another interview on IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) related issue I am repeating myself, then you are both right and wrong. Right – because yes, I did discuss the subject of IVF with Dr. Gautam Allahabadia from Aster Clinic and Hospital in one of the earlier episodes and you can find the link for the same here – (

Why did I say wrong above – because this time my discussion with Dr. Gautam, is actually a result of the overwhelming response, or should I say, the plethora of queries that came to me about the various advancements in IVF and the possibility of the baby being completely disease free. Hence, Dr. Gautam is back on my show talking about not just IVF, but also about the various Chromosomal Screening Techniques available as an aid to ensure a healthy baby. In fact, the technology has reached a stage, wherein even parents with Genetic Disorders can ensure an absolutely healthy baby. It is really heartwarming to know of the hope that modern medical science brings with it today. Watch the video to know more on this….

Infertility or failing to conceive is without doubts one of the most painful emotions that one can ever face. And unfortunately, with our changing lifestyles, infertility is one bitter truth that more and more couples are facing. But with advancements in IVF and chromosomal screening techniques, all hope is not lost yet. Fertility issues might have challenged a lot of couples, but the same issue has also made them stronger. With advancements in medical science giving hope even in the rarest cases, you can fail, only if you quit.

Do any of my viewers of readers have a bright and successful IVF story? Is there any one whose dreams have turned into a reality thanks to your will power and all the support of medical science. Then do share your story with me, because you never know, your story might just become that ray of hope for a woman to give motherhood another chance.

Love and Health,

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