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Fibroids – the word itself can make women cringe with pain and discomfort. A sizeable number of women that I have met and many my friends too, suffer from Fibroids. I must share that I myself have developed Breast Fibroids a few year back, and that is exactly when I started reading and researching about it. And the figures are indeed very concerning.

About 30% of all women by the age of 35 are affected by Fibroids and the figure only gets more concerning with about 70% women being affected with fibroids by the time they reach the age of 50. I thus had a chat with Dr. Sejal Surti, Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology, Aster Hospital, to understand the severity and the ways to manage fibroids.
In Dr. Sejal’s words, Fibroids are the most common form of benign tumor affecting the uterine wall of women. Fibroids are often accompanied by symptoms like abnormal uterine bleeding in the form of heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle that lasts longer than usual, along with the passage of clots. At times the fibroids can grow big enough to affect the other organs like the intestine leading to symptoms like constipation and higher frequency of urination. However, of course, the most disturbing symptom being Reproductive dysfunction, wherein women can either find it difficult to conceive, or they find it difficult to complete their term of pregnancy.

Clearly, Fibroids can lead to traumatic experiences, but thanks to modern medical science there is always a ray of hope. As Dr. Sejal suggests, various treatment approaches like Medical, Surgical, and Minimum Invasive Therapies can be adopted depending on the symptoms and condition of the patient. I have said this repeatedly that good nutrition, healthy eating habits, and a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in both the treatment and the prevention of Fibroids. Even if they can’t be prevented, they can surely be managed. Watch the video and see what Dr. Sejal has to advise on this medical condition.

Please do write into me in case you have any queries about fibroids or better if you have managed fibroids well – my viewers and I would benefit to hear from you. Do spread the word and the information as it can be of great help to someone really needy; and keep eating healthy, because every time you eat or drink anything, you are either feeding the disease, or you are fighting it.

Love and Health,

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