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Pregnancy, without doubt, is one of the most beautiful and powerful experiences. However, the beauty is often accompanied with disorders, complaints, and changes in the body that can put even the toughest of the women at the highest level of discomfort. Right from symptoms like nausea, vomiting, heart burn and so many other gastrointestinal discomforts that often raise the apprehension levels and consequently ruin the beauty of the experience; and of course with the baby occupying more and more space with every passing day, the other vital organs are squeezed for space, leading to a plethora of gastro and liver function disorders.
From my own experience, I can still recollect that when I was pregnant, I suffered from severe vomiting and nausea in the 1st trimester and itching in my stomach during the 3rd trimester causing some terrible discomfort. Am sure a lot of my viewers who are expecting have experienced similar symptoms. I spoke to Dr. Prakash Shankar, Specialist Gastroenterologist from Aster Clinic and Hospitals, to understand the ways and methods in which liver disorders, especially during pregnancy, can be better managed. For the ease of understanding, I shall organize my chat with Dr.Prakash under three broad based categories and their remedies –
VOMITING & NAUSEA – These are the most common symptoms. These often start from 4th week, escalate up to the 12th week and subside by the 20th week. Dr. Prakash suggests that both of them can be managed by switching to more frequent and smaller meal portions. Avoiding fats and sticking to carbohydrates can also help the cause.
HEARTBURN – Another major complaint during pregnancy, often seen in the 3rd trimester, and is caused by the acid reflux. Avoiding oily and spicy food, staying away tea and coffee, can go a long way in avoiding heartburn
ITCHING OF THE ABDOMEN – Dr. Prakash says that itching on the abdomen is reported by many pregnant women. Although the good part and the bad part is, they can’t be treated and these symptoms disappear along with the delivery of the baby, still your doctor should be kept informed about this state.
Watch the video below and get more information on this from Dr. Prakash.

I hope this write-up and the video was somewhat helpful to all the pregnant, yet anxious women out there. However, let me tell you one thing – Just like you, even I would read up a lot, do a lot of referencing to understand the changes that my body was undergoing when I was pregnant. I would say reading up is a good habit too; but at the end of the day, let your doctor know of every discomfort that you confront, and let your doctor take the final call as nobody understands your condition better than your doctor. Take Care and share your valuable insight with me on this.

Love and Health,

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