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‘The moment a child is born, the mother takes birth too.’ I totally relate to that. When I go down the memory lane, I had myself become a new woman the day I became a mother. Pregnancy is the most beautiful and miraculous emotion that can be experienced. However, what we often fail to understand is that childbirth is not merely the birth of one, but the birth of two souls…both the child and the mother… moreover, utmost care, precautions, and provisions need to be made for the process to be smoother for both the child and the mother.

I spoke to Dr. Ramanathan, Specialist Pediatrician, Aster Clinics & Hospitals, who stresses on the need of Multi-Specialty Hospital care for expecting mothers as also for the delivery process.

I totally agree with Dr. Ramanathan when he says that expecting mothers are susceptible to many diseases particularly thyroid disorders, hypertension, diabetes and even liver diseases. Hence, it is extremely important to manage all of them well for the well-being and health of both the baby and the expecting mother. I am sure you would agree that for the sake of convenience, it truly helps if all the specialist doctors are available under the same roof.

Similar is the case during the actual delivery period, when not just mother but in many cases these days, even the baby needs intensive care especially in terms of breathing and nutrition. In fact, Dr. Ramanathan says that almost 10% of the babies born these days need additional medical support. Therefore, a neo-natal intensive care unit is almost imperative for the good health of the baby. It is only in a multi-specialty hospital that all the specialist doctors can come together to ensure the best attention to both the mother and the child.

A baby fills a place in your heart and life, and it is very important to ensure that the process is made as easy and as healthy as possible. I would love to hear from your about your moments of magic, about the moment when your little one was born, about the moment when you were re-born as the mother.

Love and Health,

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