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Fast-paced lives, weird timings, unhealthy food habits and a mind that is over-burdened with stress!! If I had to define human beings in today’s date and time, those would be my choice of words. That is why I cannot but agree with the phrase, that we all are part of a rat race…moreover, it is a rat race. No wonder that as we all try to cope up with the worldly pressures, we often forget to look within, to take a break, to talk to our inner conscience, and most importantly, make time to rejuvenate.

Last time I did mention about the new concept of staycation wherein world over, people are taking a vacation to explore their own vicinity. An extension to the same concept…is the lesser known and much lesser realized fact that a stay in a resort need not necessarily be meant only for the luxurious materialistic pleasures but can well be meant for a well-deserved and much-needed wellness break.

Well, that is exactly I experienced at the Le Meridien, Dubai. I have been spending a considerable amount of time at the Le Meridien property for the shoots of my show, and I must confess, I am really impressed with the facilities and services available here. Nestled in the middle of a hustling bustling city, the spa experiences and the health treatments at the Le Meridien Dubai can be the perfect answer to your exhausted mind and tired body and I have to thank Inge Van Weert, Director of Operations, & Deveekaa Nijhawan, Complex Public Relations & Communications Manager at the hotel for taking me through all what it has to offer.

The Natural Elements Spa with its nine treatment rooms, hydro-bath facility, aroma heat caves, and a gala of treatments on offer has always been a favorite amongst patrons as also amongst people seeking a mental bliss and physical well-being. However, what has been stealing all the limelight since quite some time now is The Royal Club Spa at the hotel, with the unique and authentic Hammam experience. In fact, Le Meridien has painstakingly hand-picked some of the best hammam experts and masseurs from around the world to give you the most relaxing and authentic hammam experience in this part of the world.

If that was not enough, Le Meridien Dubai has also added the Sauna with a Snow Cave in its wellness den. This offers an extraordinary experience that’s great for skin health, detoxification and slimming. Needless to mention the fact, that this is one of those rare places in Dubai where you can see snow.

Two swimming pools, one of the biggest fitness centers, treatments that will spoil you to choices, hammam experience, Zumba, yoga…name it and the Le Meridien can pull a magic out of its hat. Precisely why I believe that the Le Meridien Dubai is not merely a luxury hotel, it is more of a resort which is also a wellness haven where you can relax the mind, revive the body and renew the soul.

So the next time you plan a day for your wellness, the Le Meridien Dubai, would be a good choice. Would love to hear more from you if you know of any place or get – away where you can get any such avant-garde, exceptional experience in Dubai

Tons of Love,

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