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Holistic way of understanding your children

It is often said that there is no emotion that’s unadulterated. This is what the world says, and I do not believe in it. For although a lot of our emotions and expressions might not be untainted, when it comes to expressing our love towards our children, we are at our purest best. I have complete faith in the power of love, and when it comes to expressing the same towards our children, I think this love takes on a completely new form, an emotion that transforms not just the child but even us as an individual.

However, as parents, a lot of us face situations where the communication between our children and us seems to be strained – when our children fail to express themselves and us as parents fail to empathize with their situations; when we assume their irritability as their tantrums and fail to identify the problem. That is when both the child and the parent need help, guidance, and support. I caught up with Terri Allen & Jacqui Gray – Intuitive Healers & Holistic Education Therapist for children & parents.

Terri and Jacqui came up with the idea of the book My Magical Garden. Aptly tagged as A Book for Children/ A Guide for Parents, the basic thought behind the book is to help the children express themselves better and guide the parents in understanding their children.

As Terri Says, “The whole point of the book is to help children make a choice and take control and in turn open more communication channels between the parent and the child.”

I found the concept quite intriguing. The book takes your child into the world full of magic, where they are inspired to create and explore their garden. The book can
activate their imagination and provide an outlet for their creativity as well as providing an opportunity to articulate their feelings by being free to explore and express themselves through the choices that they make. An interpretation of each choice is provided at the back of the book enabling the parent to understand their emotional needs and how to help them. This video is your guide to know your children, do invest some time to watch it.

Whether you are a parent, teacher or child, you will love this book!

So the next time you see behavioral changes in your child, the next time you feel that your child seems frustrated, and even if the child is bed-wetting, don’t confront your child. Rather try and identify and address the issue. My 15-year-old son teaches me every day that children are not ‘things’ to be molded, but people to be unfolded. Do write in your thoughts to me; these can open new doors for many.

Love and Health,

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