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How Frequency And Vibration Affect Your Energy


Hello! My Tribe

Hope you all are having a great EID holiday. Today Lets talk about our frequency. According to universal law and the science of quantum physics, everything in the universe is fundamentally made of pure energy. This energy is constantly moving, oscillating and vibrating at different speeds. Though we are made of flesh and bones, we too are essentially nothing but just pure energy moving at a rapid pace, and that energy has a vibrational frequency.

ou might have never thought about your frequency before, but believe it or not, it impacts every aspect of your life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A high vibration attracts more high frequency, spiritually uplifting you by creating positive experiences in your life. A low vibration does the opposite. What exactly is a high frequency? It’s simple! It’s when you feel good! When you hold positive thoughts in your heart and mind, you feel happy, inspired and content and that’s how you know your frequency is high. And when you hold negative thoughts, like fear, sadness, disappointment, your frequency falls. People who are suffering from any kind of physical or mental illness is all thanks to their low frequencies.

The good news is, as the creator of your life, you have the power to change your frequency at any moment. Even something as simple as laughing or being creative can get the positive juices flowing. So today, I’m going to talk about a few things you can do to raise your frequency and live a happier and more positive life.

1) Become conscious of your thoughts.
2) Detoxify with water
3) Positive food
4) Devote time to Nature
6) Use wellness watches and bracelets.

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By engaging in daily practices like these, even you can shift your energy and begin to operate at a high-vibrational frequency—the frequency of love—and that’s when you will become a magnet for more positive relationships and experiences. And as always, I am there to help you in this journey. So for any queries, write to me in the comments section and I would be glad to answer them. If you liked my video, please subscribe to my channel so that you get to see all my videos as soon as they are uploaded.

Have a great day!

See you next week!

Love and health

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