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Happiness, positivity, and good health are the only motives that have made me live my life the way I do. Since I believe that the mind is a magnet, I am often surrounded by like-minded people and any conversation that I have…inevitably leads towards the subjects of positivity and optimism in life.

Today I am going to talk about my encounter with two extremely positive personalities – Natalia Hassanie and Nadine Chammas. I did not just have a great conversation with them, but this was one rare conversation where positivity was out there and free flowing in all its glory and joy. It is almost as if I found a part of me in them. Moreover, how am delighted I am to bring the same to my viewers.

Natalia is a certified yoga teacher, a meditation expert and founder of Posetivity sports services – Yoga and Mindfulness Curriculum programs. Nadine is also a part of Posetivity and is the Founder of the Life Director Training and Life Coaching events. Both have successfully fought cancer, and that has completely re-defined positivity for them.

By Nadine’s own confession, positivity to her was a planned time-table approach towards her life about 3 years ago when she was detected with Breast cancer leaving her completely shocked. That is exactly when she realized that positivity does not mean not having challenges in life, rather it means a constructive approach towards overcoming the challenges. This is exactly what Nadine followed, as she re-aligned her mind with her body and fully lived each and every moment of her recovery process.

Much like Nadine, Natalia had her own battle; wherein she was losing all hope and spirit. Until one day, she decided she has only two options, either to go the doctors and pop in a pill…or to try something that she had never tried before. Natalia chose the latter, joined Pilates that completely changed her outlook towards life. Today, she lives every moment of her life and fruitfully connects with all her emotions, good or bad alike.

It is indeed amazing how one completely unrelated event can change your attitude and perspective towards life. I connected so well with both Natalia and Nadine; wherein I too had chosen the alternative way to overcome my post-natal depression.

As Nadine says – It is all about moving. We got to keep moving so that we can develop more perspectives and understand more dimensions, which in turn positively impacts your thinking and decision making.

So, if you want to wake up and kick start your day on a positive note, here’s a small to-do list.

1) Wake by asking yourself, how am I today?
2) Ask yourself, what am I feeling?
3) Try and understand your emotions
4) Connect to your talents
5) Have a gratitude list

A positive mind, positive vibes and a positive life, that is my take away from this wonderful chat. Trust me, your mind is a powerful thing, and when you fill it with positive thoughts, your life begins to change for the better; and I speak from my experience of having done the same time and again. Write me if you have something to share that made you believe in the power of Positivity.

Love and Health,

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