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How to choose a right washing machine

Women and multi-tasking go hand in hand…isn’t it? However, at home, one can multi-task only if well supported, by family members, by technology, by appliances. Talking of appliances, laundry is definitely one aspect that we women love to multi-task in…provided we have the right kind of washing machine.

Of course, gone are the days, when we used to be worried about washing and scrubbing clothes by hand. I believe what worries us more now is selecting the right kind of washing machine. Now as simple as it might sound, investment in the wrong kind of washing machine can surely land you in a soup.

So, to help my viewers chose the perfect washing machine, I spoke to Grace Cho, Product Specialist, LG Electronics Inc. who has quite a few simple yet very pertinent tips…to wash all your worries away.

The utility and convenience are absolutely the top priority when choosing to buy a new washing machine. You might fancy the latest one in the market, but does it really help in making your tasks easier? Double check on that. Of course, the size of your laundry and the frequency of usage play an equally vital role in making a choice. A must check is where you want to place the washing place in your home before you decide to pick one – top loading or front loading. Other factors that need to be kept in mind while making your decision are the different types of fabrics and clothes that you need to wash, power consumption and noise levels.

To me it is very important that my washing machine is value for money. So I really wanted to have this segment on my show to help you choose right, because there is no point in investing in a machine that makes you work harder. LG has a variety of choices in washing machines that cater to consumers of varied needs. I myself use an LG, and must tell you that my LG washing machine, indeed, washes away my worries. Does yours?

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